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  1. Nevermind, it was totally my bad because I was using the demo version of the fight class as I downloaded it directly from that page. I redownloaded it from the email I received when I bought it and now it works perfect! 🙂 It is a great fight class btw!
  2. Thanks for the prompt response. Yes, I am using your fight class. I downloaded the new file again from No more invalid target problem! However, now my character always fight in bear form for no reason. I am fighting single mobs that are 15 levels lower than me. Any solutions for that?
  3. During my grind, I came across a few BoP items. The bot just ignores the item and leave it on the corpse. I couldnt find an option for looting BoP items. Is there a plugin for that or am I missing an option that enables looting BoP items?
  4. I created a few grinder profiles to kill some mobs in a particular zone. Everything works fine except every time my character attacks a mob it stands there and I get "Invalid Target" error on my screen for about 5-6 seconds. My character then starts attacking the targeted mob. I waste a lot of time due to this waiting time after killing each mob. Is there a solution for that?
  5. What is the best for leveling as horde druid? Quester or Grinder? Any suggestions for quester and grinder profiles, and fight classes for druids and priests?
  6. It has been a while so I am not sure but I think I got it from the following web site: https://beta.atlantiss.eu/how-to-connect
  7. Any suggestions in terms of working questing profile for horde?
  8. it worked for me. I didnt have a chance to try the software much but the bot was able to kill mobs in automation. However, it doesnt loot and it kills rats. This is the first time I am using this software but I will report back again after i find a good TBC questing profile for taurens and a fight class for feral druids.
  9. Does this bot work on the Netherwing TBC server that has just launched today?
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