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Demon / Affliction lock 1-60 by Eeny 1.5

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About This File

Free C# fight class for Vanilla Aff / Demonology Warlock's.  Built towards working with my vanilla levelling profiles


The idea behind this was to make a FC's that will go 1-60 where you dont need to populate the action bars with spells after training.

This FC is about when you would expect from a levelling lock FC.

Works best with instant cast corruption + improved voidwalker torment.  Once you have the Voidwalker spell at lvl 10- you NEED a wand.

Upon targeting an NPC it will send the pet in.  The rotation will keep immolate / Curse of Agony / Coruption on the target.  If you have Siphon life it will swap out immolate for that spell.

Stack a bot with high stam / spirit and a wand- should be good to go.

Should use unending breath when swimming

Will attempt to keep a healthstone in your bags + use if in combat at 50% health.

Will also use all consumable scrolls!  Stamina, spirit and intellect will be cast on you, armour, strength and agility will get send to the pet.

If you have any suggestions / bugs / recommendations drop me a PM and i can look into it.

What's New in Version 1.5   See changelog



Changed wanding behaviour and some lower level skills.

Pet will now attack before you do.  no longer waits for you to engage.


Removed some isspell usable and changed pet attack


Added underwater breathing


Added health stone support

Fixed some "wait While channelling" logic which should stop drain life / soul thrashing

Added scroll useage.  Will buff you / pet if you have a scroll in your inventory.

Added fear


Added sacrifice

Added shadowburn

Fixed healthstone Item ID's


Fixed healthstone ID's (again)

Added back in show trance proc

played around with wanding- changed situational wanding,

Fixed health funnel glitch

User Feedback

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Running quite well.

The only minus about the profile, is that it tries to spam the "Shoot" skill (Wand), which cancels out the previous action, giving a constant "Interrupted" message.

Thus it doesn't use the wand, nor does it shoot shadow bolts.

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for now awesome fightclass :) thx man

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This along with your 1-60 grinder profiles has been gold for me, works great. Ive been doing it since 1-50s and it works great. really helps me because I work full time and I just wanna get to 60 and have fun instead of investing all this time on a private server :D. Tip for anyone using this, make it so your profile eats/drinks from 50% instead of the default (35% or whatever it is) and you will die a lot less. you dont need to actually use food/drink, it will just stop and go into regen phase until it goes back up all the way. 

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Pretty nice fight class, definitely better than anything else I have found for Vanilla Warlocks.  I've noticed a couple of issues while using it:

1. It never consumes Lesser Healthstones. Earlier and later ranks seem to work properly.

2. When very low on health and mana the bot tends to not use any abilities or shoot wand. It stands there facing the mob trying to auto attack regardless of range. This usually results in a death.

3. Version 1.4 says "added Sacrifice", however I have never observed the bot using Sacrifice regardless of mine or my pet's HP.

** If you are having issues with the bot trying to wand spam and/or cancelling channels to wand, raise your minimum and maximum latency in General Settings > Advanced Settings > Other **


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I started using this at level 1, now I'm level 4. It works great but right now, I don't have a wand. Always tries to use a wand. Once that is fixed, I reckon this will be smooth sailing!


About an hour after review, author published updated fight class and everything looks good now. Spell rotation seems to be:

  1. Agony
  2. Corruption
  3. Immolate
  4. Life Tap / Wand / Shadow Bolt
  5. *Fear
  6. Drain Soul on Low Life
  7. Buffs always up and so is healthstone

This is what my bar looks like right now @ 10.


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Fantasitc CS fight class, unlike the others, you can customize this until your hearts content.

Has things that the paid classes dont have, like scroll usage. 

Well done eeny for doing so much for the community for free and sharing your code at the same time, not a lot of wrobot developers do that these days!

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Works good so far, but not perfect yet.

- It is not using healthstone at all (would be nice to use one at 20-35% life)

- Sometimes summoning randomly voidwalker, even if I do already control a voidwalker

- Not using fear-spell

- Summoning voidwalker after resurrection even if character gets attacked (mostly dies by this, since the casting time of VW is to long)

- Would be nice to cast unending breath befor going to swim so you don't die by doing underwater quests

Overall it seems to be a very nice base-script to work on

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