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[PAID] [PVE] [RAID] Protection - Warrior - 1-60 - Vanilla(1.12.1) by Ordush 1.0.2

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About This File

This is my paid version of the Vanilla Warrior Protection Wrobot Rotation
It is highly advanced, and has an in-game interface, where you can control almost every aspect of the rotation.

For support and suggestions please use: https://wrobot.eu/forums/forum/92-warrior-fightclass-vanilla/

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The Paid version comes with some unique features like the in-game interface, /commands and more.
The Warrior will make sure that there are sunders on all ads. (Making thread on them)
The Warrior will taunt adds that are not targeting the warrior. (He will stance dance and use mocking blow, if taunt is on CD)

This fightclass will save your settings between sessions, so if you set something example: Turn off taunt. Then next time you log on it will have saved that setting!

Can be used for leveling (however it's not currently focused on using level abilities for solo play)
You can even turn stuff on that is not yet learned.
The fightclass will begin using the abilities when they are learned if they are turned on.

Optimized rotation for max Threat
Does not break Polymorph.

Using these abilities can be turned off in the interface
Threat Abilities
- Taunt <- Taunts adds off party members.
- Heroic Strike <- Will be used if you have too much rage. (And only 1 mob is at you)
- Cleave <- Will be used if you have enough rage, and there are more mobs at you.
- Shield Slam <- Will be used to generate a high amount of threat.
- Revenge <- Will be used on cooldown, when you block, dodge or parry.
- Sunder Armor <- Will keep stack up on mobs at all time (If Main tank is enabled, it will make sure there is 1 sunder on all adds)
Racial Abilities
- Blood Fury <- Will only be able to use if you are an Orc, Has 4 modes Cooldown, Cooldown 2+, Elite & Boss
- Berserking <- Will only be able to use if you are a Troll, Has 4 modes Cooldown, Cooldown 2+, Elite & Boss
Item Abilities
- Trinket 1 - <- Will use your first trinket if it has a use ability, Has 4 modes Cooldown, Cooldown 2+, Elite & Boss
- Trinket 2 - <- Will use your second trinket if it has a use ability, Has 4 modes Cooldown, Cooldown 2+, Elite & Boss
Mitigation Abilities
- Shield Block <- Will be used if enough rage, and the target is a boss (It's a waste to use it on packs).
- Last Stand <- Will be used if target is a boss or there are 2 or more mobs targeting you. AND your hp is low.
- Shield Wall <- Will be used if target is a boss or there are 2 or more mobs targeting you, AND your hp is semi low.
- Demoralizing Shout <- Will be used if target is a boss or there are 2 or more mobs targeting you and you have enough rage.
Utility Abilities
- Mocking Blow <- Will stance dance to use this if your taunt is on cooldown.
- Bloodrage <- Will use this to gain enough rage to use Battle Shout (Creates threat on just pulled packs)
- Berserker Rage <- Berserker Rage is not currently utilized very well.
- Battle Shout <- Will use this after pulling, to add threat on all adds.
Extra Abilities
- Combat Range <- Sets the combat range, (how close does the tank go to the target).
- Pull Latency <- Wait time for it to use bow/xbow/gun to pull in MS. (If your tank interrupts shooting, then increase this number).

Advanced Settings
Fightclass Settings
- Settings will be added here later.

/wr or /wrobot <- Shows available commands (You can use /wr or /wrobot for all commands)
/wrobot FC version <- Shows the version of the Fightclass
/wrobot FC status <-  Shows or hides the Rotation Status window
/wrobot FC pause <- Pauses/Unpauses the bot

These commands can be bound in-game by making a macro and adding to an action bar.

Coming Soon
- More advanced settings
- Redesign of switches
- Battle Shout option to use only for rage, or to use when you don't have the buff.



- Release
- Fixed Charge
- Warrior will now use HS/Cleave on non-hostile units.
- Better integration into IGS.


On 4/24/2018 at 3:14 PM, Ordush said:

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).
Here you will find the answers to most of your questions.
If your issue is not in this list, feel free to seek help in the support channel that fits the fightclass you're using.

[Q] = Questions
[A] = Answer

[Q]: The xml file is only containing 1 line of code, is this a scam?
[A]: No, this is not a scam. All my fightclasses are encrypted, WRobot reads the encryption key then it loads all my code.

[Q]: I have loaded the file, but nothing happens in-game (no interface).?
[A]: This can be because of a few reasons:
1) Your game client is not English.
2) Your WRobot is only trial version If it's not any of these two then get help in the support.
3) You have the settings stored from a pre v2.0.0, they are messing with the new version. Go to wrobot/settings folder and delete anything with "Ordush" in the name.
4) Your WRobot setup, has a setting set to something that breaks the fightclass. Try making a new WRobot install, in a new folder.

[Q]: All other fightclasses works fine, why doesn't your?
[A]: Most other fightclasses are not nearly as advanced as mine is. My fightclasses utilizes a lot more functions from WRobot. This means more can go worng with your install.
Making a fresh install of WRobot is the safest bet to make sure nothing is wrongly set up.


In-game Interface

Always feel free to send me suggestions or bug reports via PM on WRobot Forum!

What's New in Version 1.0.2   See changelog


- Better integration into IGS.

User Feedback

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You and matenia are basically the only reason i even purchase anything on these forums i love your beast mastery however im marksmen and somehow lost the information for the mm one u had out 1st.  and ended up buying thinkin it was same. i love the gui you use and how simple it is and quick during rotations to react. and you dont overcharge either. i paid 40 bucks for a profile to quest and basically after being told remove 100x lines of run code the thing still didnt work and its still being sold no refunds and crap support. if any is ever needed yall are fast and very knowledgeable on exactly whats going on because if its something on your end your already well aware and have a fix if situation arises which is like never thanks man

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