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    vanbotter reacted to Marsbar in Unofficial WRobot API Documentation   
    There are often questions regarding the wrobot api and what functions it has, generally you're told to either decompile the dlls or reference them in your visual studio project and use the object browser.
    Some people only want to know a certain function name and don't wish to go into the deeper realms of development. There isn't a resource they can use to obtain that info without some effort on their part, that's hopefully where this site I generated will come in handy:

    Unofficial WRobot API Docs
    It was created by decompiling the vanilla wmanager and robotmanager dlls and generating an api web template using docfx.
    Currently it doesn't give you anything more than you'd have by decompiling the dlls yourself but I'm hoping to update this with method, property, constructer etc. descriptions and potentially basic code snippets for a better understanding of the wrobot api.
    If you're interested in contributing let me know and I can add you to the gitlab project (sorry if you don't like gitlab but it was quick and easy with free private repos).
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    vanbotter got a reaction from Mike Mail in No navigation In Silithus ( cenarion hold )   
    I confirm this, can you add some meshes to Silithus Cenarion Hold? The bot cannot work in silithus without profile specific vendors to ensure it doesn't try to goto those. Dying is an issue because it can't get back to its corpse due to it running constantly into the hillside of Cenarion Hold.
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    vanbotter reacted to headcrab in PVP plugins - track enemy players for example   
    You can also try Battleground Helper plugin - it can track enemy players on battlefields when Radar3D switched on, but there are few nice WoW addons (like HHTD) that can do it much better. But Battleground helper can autofocus enemy healers, visual part is just for fun
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    vanbotter reacted to Avvi in Avvi's C# Tips & Tricks with Helpful Code Snippets   
    Hi all,
    I figured I'd post some things that I have learned during my time of developing in C#. Perhaps some of this is obvious for some of the more experienced WRobot C# writers, but for me, I had to do a lot of forum searching and experimenting to make progress on any of my work. 
    How do I get started?
    Please see this post by @Droidz
    How can I see what Functions are available to me in the WRobot API?
    I recommend using some sort of decompiler in order to see what functions are available in the WRobot API. That is, use something such as dotPeek from jetbrains. See this URL: https://www.jetbrains.com/decompiler/ . Once you have this downloaded, open  the WRobot Binaries located in the (C:\WRobot\Bin) folder in dotPeek. I cannot even begin to explain how many times the recompiled helped me find useful things I could re-use. As a quick tip, I would suggest taking a look at the wManager.wManager.Wow.Helpers functions that are available. Anything listed as public static <variable type>  will be available to use from a Plugin/Profile/Fightclass etc.
    What if WRobot doesn't have an available function that I will need?
    WRobot doesn't have everything instantly available, so you may need to resort to using some Lua Functions to get information back from the WoW Client. An example of this that I ran into at some point was getting the number of Character Macros someone has.. Of course this is very specific, but please bear with me for the sake of this example :).
    WoW Lua Reference:  http://wowprogramming.com/docs/api_categories
    Using Lua in C#:
    This snippet will return a List of integers and set the C# variable numberOfMacros  equal to the returned list of the DoString function. To be more specific, it will provide a list of the number of Global account Macros , and the number of Personal Character Macros.
    var numberOfMacros = Lua.LuaDoString<List<int>>("return numCharacterMacros");  
    The below will return just the number Character Macros someone has.  If you need a specific variable from a Lua Function, then do the following: 
    var numPersonalMacros = Lua.LuaDoString<int>("local numAccountMacros, numCharacterMacros = GetNumMacros(); return numCharacterMacros"); The above snippet will set the C# variable numPersonalMacros equal to numCharacterMacros from the lua return value.
    Using a Variable in the Lua.LuaDoString.  The below will return the text body of the macro that has the id of 121.
    var _macroID = 121 string macroBody = Lua.LuaDoString<string>("return GetMacroBody(" + _macroID + ")");  
    Executing Lua Code in C#
    This  will leave the party (if the player is in one).
    wManager.Wow.Helpers.Lua.RunMacroText("/run LeaveParty()");  
    What is the difference between Lua.LuaDoString() and RunMacroText()? 
    The difference is in can be understand in how you think about them. Lua.LuaDoString should be seen as a way to retrieve information.. More specifically, the Lua.LuaDoString's purpose is to have a value returned to it, so that you can assign it to a C# Variable. RunMacroText can be used to do something in game. More specifically, RunMacroText should be used when trying to run some sort of in-game script (such as /cast spell).
    Plugin Template C#: Plugin-Template.cs
    I have attached a basic plugin template that can be used. In it, I have provided an example of:
    A Basic Implementation of the wManager.Plugin.IPlugin Class (including Settings/Initialize/Dispose) Basic loop that will occur while WRobot is running Settings that can be configured from Plugin Page A Category/Short Description for the Plugin Settings An example of Watching for Game Events. An example of OnRunState / OnAfterRunState for WRobot States Watching For Game Events
    Sometimes you may find that you need to wait for something to occur in game before you can take a specific action. In WoW / WRobot world, these things are called events. Below are two examples of events. The first event will occur when either the Group Loot Settings change, or a Player Enters/Joins the current Party.The second Event will occur when a System Message is received.  I recommend adding this watchForEvents Function in the Initialize function of a plugin, or somewhere where it will only be called once. For an example of this, please see my Plugin Template.
    private void watchForEvents() { EventsLuaWithArgs.OnEventsLuaWithArgs += (LuaEventsId id, List<string> args) => { if (id == wManager.Wow.Enums.LuaEventsId.PARTY_MEMBERS_CHANGED) { Logging.Write("Joined Group or something about the current group was changed."); } if (id == wManager.Wow.Enums.LuaEventsId.CHAT_MSG_SYSTEM) { Logging.Write("We Received a System Message."); } }; }  
    Finding the list of available Game Events:
    Each version of the game is different here, so this is where you will need to be careful. By that I mean, some versions of the game may have an event type, but a different version may not. Blizzard was not always consistent in their name accross different versions of the game, so please be careful to test against multiple versions of the game. 
     Open DotPeek  Search for "LuaEventsID" Double Click LuaEventsId in the Assembly Explorer Window. A window will open displaying a list of Events. What do each of these Events mean?
    WoW Event Reference:  http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/Event_API 
    (Reminder! Some of these may be different in different versions of the game.)
    Watching For WRobot State Changes
    In addition to in game events, there are also WRobot 'states'. Similar to Game Events, WRobot states are the particular condition that WRobot is in at a specific time. For example, there is a state called 'MillingState', and another called 'Looting' that come out with WRobot. States are managed by the WRobot FiniteStateMachineEvents Engine. When a State occurs/changes/ends/etc, an event is passed to the FiniteStateMachine (pardon my wording here if this is not 100% correct). There are three main events that we can use to manage our States.
    State Events that occur:
    OnBeforeCheckIfNeedToRunState - This can be used to CANCEL an event if specific conditions are met. OnRunState - This can be used to do something just as the State is being started. OnAfterRunState - This can be used to do something just as the State has completed.  
    Example of OnRunState and OnAfterRunState
    In this example we are watching for when WRobot starts the ToTown State and when it finishes it. We create a boolean that is set to true when the state is started, and then set it to false when the State is completed. I recommend adding the initializeToTownWatcher() function in the Initialize function of a plugin, or somewhere where it will only be called once. For example of this, please see my Plugin Template.
    bool goToTown = false; private void initializeToTownWatcher() { robotManager.Events.FiniteStateMachineEvents.OnRunState += (engine, state, cancelable) => { if (state != null && state.DisplayName == "To Town") { goToTown = true; Logging.Write("Going to Town State has been initiated."); } }; robotManager.Events.FiniteStateMachineEvents.OnAfterRunState += (engine, state) => { if (state != null && state.DisplayName == "To Town") { goToTown = false; Logging.Write("We have completed going To Town State."); } }; } Example of OnBeforeCheckIfNeedToRunState
    In this example, we catch the state with the name of To Town and cancel it by setting the passed in cancelable parameter to true.
    private void cancelToTownState() { robotManager.Events.FiniteStateMachineEvents.OnBeforeCheckIfNeedToRunState += (engine, state, cancelable) => { if (state != null && state.DisplayName == "To Town") { Logging.Write("We have cancelled the To Town State"); cancelable.Cancel = true; } }; } Where can I find other WRobot States?
    Each version of the WRobot is different, so some versions of WRobot may have a state type, but a different version may not. Please be careful to test against multiple versions of the game/WRobot. 
    Open DotPeek Expand wManager Module Expand wManager.Wow.Bot.States namespace.  
    MORE TBA....
    The above is my attempt at trying to help newcomers to WRobot at writing their own plugins / fight classes / etc. If there are any questions , suggestions, or even  corrections, please do let me know in the comments and I'll be sure to add/update things as they come up!
    - Avvi 
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    vanbotter reacted to Matenia in PVP plugins - track enemy players for example   
    foreach (WoWUnit Mob in ObjectManager.GetWoWUnitAttackables().Where(x => x.Type == WoWObjectType.Player && x.GetDistance2D < AggroMonitorSettings.CurrentSetting.SearchRange && x.TargetObject.Name != AggroMonitorSettings.CurrentSetting.Tank1 && x.TargetObject.Name != AggroMonitorSettings.CurrentSetting.Tank2 && x.TargetObject.Name != AggroMonitorSettings.CurrentSetting.Tank3 && x.TargetObject.Name != ObjectManager.Me.Name && ObjectManager.Target.TargetObject != null)) This filters it to just players, if you modify AggroMonitor
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    vanbotter reacted to Matenia in PVP plugins - track enemy players for example   
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    vanbotter reacted to Marsbar in PVP plugins - track enemy players for example   
    I'll see if I have some time to amend it in the coming week, I'll let you know if I do.
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    vanbotter got a reaction from Marsbar in PVP plugins - track enemy players for example   
    Excellent plugin btw 🙂
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    vanbotter got a reaction from Avvi in Avvi's C# Tips & Tricks with Helpful Code Snippets   
    Thanks @Matenia Much appreciated! now i can run the bots and sit down to regen rather than looking like an idiot standing still! hurray!
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    vanbotter reacted to Matenia in Avvi's C# Tips & Tricks with Helpful Code Snippets   
    Everything after run is regular Lua, so if you want to run your macro like that, just do
    (Vanilla has no RunMacroText, so it would never work anyway - but more importantly, you should use an IDE to edit your code so you can see things like trying to put 4 quotation marks won't work, because your string ends at ( and then inbetween the next ")" it tries to execute Macro2 as code. See Strings.)
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