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  1. Hey on line 152, there is a typo. Should be "Greater Healthstone" instead of "Geater Healthstone". :)
    Been working great, in my 50s right now, going to be 60 soon. The alternative files really come in handy and i used it for the majority of leveling
    This along with your 1-60 grinder profiles has been gold for me, works great. Ive been doing it since 1-50s and it works great. really helps me because I work full time and I just wanna get to 60 and have fun instead of investing all this time on a private server :D. Tip for anyone using this, make it so your profile eats/drinks from 50% instead of the default (35% or whatever it is) and you will die a lot less. you dont need to actually use food/drink, it will just stop and go into regen phase until it goes back up all the way.
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