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  1. I've given up botting on netherwing. There gm's monitor all people leveling. If you even play legit and look like a botter I'm sure they will ban you.
  2. Hey droidz, that was the issue thx for some reason thought my tbc fight class would of worked.
  3. So I got banned in netherwing for botting. Im trying kronos now and after 30sec to 1 min im getting this crash im getting some getspell lua error then wow just crashes with the error 132. Im using bambos 1-70 grinder and some paid ret pally fc.
    worked really well. started at herb 65 skill was slow at the start as you can only farm mageroyal but as soon as you hit 75 to farm [Briarthorn] it sped up and then 125 skill for [Kingsblood] took 3-4 hrs fully afk to go from 65-150. thanks
    Looking forward for the 1-40 version this worked great
  4. purchased image fight class works perfect i just want it to be able to use [Zandalarian Hero Charm] on cooldown when in combat how do i do this?
  5. So I've made a decent EPL herb route not quite fully AFK but 90% still have to monitor it. I was wondering if anyone has some decent dreamfoil/plaguebloom/icecap/blacklotus ect ect profiles i would be willing to buy with some money. I can even do a trade for my EPL profile. It's mainly Plaguebloom let me know thanks
  6. Any way to make bot skip specific herbs for eg. Arthas' Tears have heaps of stacks but there not selling atall. how do i make bot skip that herb and not farm it? Much help greatly appreciated
  7. Just been leveling my fishing and socializing in the guild and talking to friends and the game auto closed because I received 10 whispers is there anyway to disable this feature?
  8. Bot use to mount flying mount and fly up inside the house and get stuck seems to be fixed.
  9. loving the new options menu. excited to see the option to attack the higher elites for more geared players. keep up the great work camelot10
  10. im getting an issue where its constantly standing out of range and not attacking targets. only judgement them. other than that its working great
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