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Found 8 results

  1. Version 1.1.0


    Retribution Paladin Fight class usable from 1-60. Built towards working with my vanilla levelling profiles Will heal at 40%. Will only Judge Crusader only if you learned seal of command Will keep BoM up until you get BoW at 14. Uses Ret aura however at low levels will use devotion aura. Hammer of justice to interrupt spells Hammer of wrath if > 60% mana and mobs < 20% health Lay on hands if low Bot health / mana. In built tag avoid. This is one of the fight classes i have bee using to pump out lvl 60 vanilla bot accounts using my grinder. any recommendations / bugs send me a PM.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    made this fighterclass after some trial and error. The main problem i saw with other fighterclass was that they didn't properly use the bubbles to rescue oneself from lethal encounters. Feel free to use and modify it to your pleasure!
  3. Version 1.0.3


    I feel this rotation is good enough for a release at this time. I will update it if I find errors, things that need to be tweaked out better, or if I find time to add more spells. If you find problems let me know and I’ll get to them when I can. Interrupts and can be toggled on or off and is set to interrupt right before the end of cast. Rebuke is the main interrupt and Hammer of Justice will be used if Justicar’s Vengeance (Talent) is not selected. The profile will use Crusader Strike and Blade of Justice to build Holy Power. It will not cast Blade of Justice if it only needs 1 more Holy Power to hit 5. Once it hits 5 Holy Power it will go through a very optimized rotation for max DPS according to the Talents in my screenshot. Other spells implemented are Execution Sentence, Eye for an Eye, and Holy Wrath. Zeal and Crusade can also be used but they are only replacement spells. There are several spells to use for survivability and set to act when your health % drops below a certain level. These spells are fully adjustable by you. There are various settings that can be modified for your gameplay. I suggest you pay attention to the descriptions of them all. You have a decent amount of choices. Enjoy the rotation and let me know of any problems. – Zan P.S. After it builds up to 5 holy power it will then use Verdict.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Throwing my profile onto the pile as some of the others don't have all the fun spells added. This profile is aimed at Solo / AFK, its not optimised for full DPS. Profile will keep all 3 blessings active. At above 70% health will use Templar's verdict and below that Justicar's Vengeance. Very little self healing until you get to below 50% health. If you have >2 hostiles around you it will use Divine storm, Rebuke on target cast and hammer of justice whenever its up. Ret pally rotation's are very simple in legion, however my pally was an absolute wrecking ball with this profile. Talents are attached-
  5. Version 1.0.0


    So i made this Fight Class and it works really well it uses Seal of Blood so Blood Elf is required, it uses stun, it heals at low health.
  6. fall0ut

    PvP Retribution Paladin

    Version v2


    PvP Retribution Paladin by: fall0ut This fight class is usable by any level. You do not have to remove spells you have not learned yet from the rotation. Primary rotation Hammer of Wrath Templar’s Verdict (with 2 holy power) Keep up Inquisition (at least 2 holy power). Exorcism Judgment Crusader Strike Any holy power left over after combat will be spent on Word of Glory. Cooldowns Lay on Hands when health is under 20%. Emancipate when you are stunned. Rebuke when target is casting. Hammer of Justice/Fist of Justice when target is moving. Blinding Light when more than one enemy is within 10 yards of you. Guardian of Ancient Kings when available. Avenging Wrath when available. Friendly cooldowns Devotion Aura when more than one enemy is within 40 yards of a friendly player. Flash of Light when friendly target within 40 yards health is below 30%. Hand of Freedom when friendly player is stunned within 40 yards. Settings Depending on your talent spec you may activate some addition spells from the fight class settings page. Sacred Shield, if true will will maintain Sacred Shield while in combat. Holy Avenger, if true will use whenever available in combat. Holy Prism, if true will use when your health is below 80% in combat. Execution Sentence, if true will use when available. Hand of Purity, if true will use when friendly player has more than one enemy near within 25 yards. UseInventoryItem( 14 ), if true will use PVP trinket when you have been feared by a priest. Trinket must be in bottom right trinket slot. Blessing of Kings, if true will maintain Blessing of Kings. (not recommended) Blessing of Might, if true will maintain Blessing of Might. (recommended) Due to Druid and Monk stat buffs replacing your Kings, casting Might is recommended.
  7. fall0ut

    PvE Retribution Paladin

    Version v1


    PvE Retribution Paladin by: fall0ut This fight class is usable by any level. You do not have to remove spells you have not learned yet from the rotation. Primary rotation Keep up Inquisition (with at least 3 Holy Power). Cast Templar's Verdict (only with 5 Holy Power). Cast Hammer of Wrath (when available). Cast Exorcism Cast Crusader Strike (when fighting less than 4 targets). Cast Judgment Against 2 or more targets, replaces Templar's Verdict with Divine Storm. Against 4 or more targets, replaces Crusader Strike with Hammer of the Righteous. Word of Glory will replace Templar's Verdict and/or Divine Storm when health is less than 50%. After combat, extra Holy Power will be spent on Word of Glory if your health is lower than 100%. Cooldowns Lay on Hands is used if your health falls below 20%. Guardian of Ancient Kings is cast whenever possible. Avenging Wrath is cast whenever possible. Hammer of Justice or Fist of Justice is cast whenever possible. Rebuke is cast when target is casting. Settings Depending on your talent spec you can specify additional spells to be used: Execution Sentence: If True, will be cast before primary rotation starts as long as target health is not below 40%. Light's Hammer: If True, will be cast if you have more than one attacker within 10 yards. Sacred Shield: If True, Sacred Shield buff will be maintained. Speed of Light: If True, Speed of Light will be cast if your target attempts to flee. Blessing of Kings: If True, Blessing of Kings buff will be maintained. Blessing of Might: If True, Blessing of Might buff will be maintained. If both Blessing of Kings and Blessing of Might are true you will have a bad time.
  8. Version 1.0


    There wasn't a fight class for retribution paladins so I made one. It works well enough for me, but it might not satisfy you. No matter what it's probably still not gonna kill a person sitting at their computer who decides to attack you. Does not include use of defensive or offensive cool downs, blinding light, any trinkets or tinkers, self cast holy prism. Talents used for this fight class are long arm of the law, fist of justice, selfless healer, clemency, holy avenger, and holy prism