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  1. I would like to see a gui to create dungeon profiles before I would want to see support for older versions of the game. It's nice that I can use your example file to code a dungeon profile, but we really need a noob friendly gui to make dungeon and raid profiles. Old content 25 man raids are the best and safest places to bot for gold since there are no other players around to report you. But we don't have any profiles available to farm them each week.
  2. My wow account is currently inactive because I did not renew my subscription. But according to reddit there was a banwave, and was curious if anyone around here was effected? https://www.reddit.com/r/wow/comments/3w7d24/pretty_big_ban_wave_hit_yesterday/
  3. My wow account is currently inactive because I did not renew my subscription. But according to reddit there was a banwave, and was curious if anyone around here was effected? https://www.reddit.com/r/wow/comments/3w7d24/pretty_big_ban_wave_hit_yesterday/
  4. i have wrobot solo old dungeons and raids. it's only sketchy when you are grouped. if you were to bot heroic pandaria stuff, wrobot would have to be programmed with each mechanic of every fight just to survive. it would be better to have a dungeon product that is aimed at soloing instances, not working in a party. if wrobot could zone in , zone out, reset dungeons, and change difficulty, you could have it running dungeons all day solo and be 100% more safe from bans than anything else you're doing right now with wrobot. even fishing is sketchy if players notice you in the same location forever. hop into an instance and fish and no one will run by to report you.
  5. To queue for the CTA select the Battlegrounder product then press Product settings. Uncheck all boxes except for the battleground you wish to queue for, in this case EotS. Only check the box in the queue column. Also I like lowering the Distance Search Target to something just outside my max pull distance, like 40 yards. But that is unnecessary, it just prevents you from chasing targets which are ridiculously far away. Press save and close. I have found using a profile in EotS is obvious bot. The map is too small and there are too few players in the battleground. Without a profile wrobot decides which tower the player will go to, it may or may not be the same location every time. If your character reaches a tower, it will camp there. Camping a tower is not suspicious because it appears you are there to defend or in some cases capture. Which is exactly what real players do. A profile will not pause at an empty tower it will just keep on following its path looking all suspicious and shit.
  6. Pretty sure you must have a flying mount for the Gatherer product.
  7. Version v1


    Hey you dirty sluts. It's so sketchy flying circles in a zone mining ore for hours on end. Other players begin to notice you and your predicable behavior. And they get pissed when you steal their ores. So I made this profile which travels from zone to zone in Pandaria mining ore. This profile does one lap in each zone, then moves to the next zone. By the time you return to a zone active players will have found something else to do. A complete run of this profile takes about 45-60 minutes. I leave this running 24/7. Occasionally it gets a little stuck up in southern jade forest, but wrobot figures out what to do. In the future I may remove that part of the profile. I play Horde, so Alliance botters may have some trouble since this profile flies right over some Horde cities. It's great for Ghost Iron Ore, Black Trillium Ore, White Trillium Ore, Kyparite.
  8. i think the music and page transitions make the whole site seem like a gimmick. you want people to give give you their money, go with a more traditional professional design. as soon as the music started i thought i was on myspace. if you want to design your own site check out http://twitter.github.io/bootstrap/. i know you really like playingnaked, but i would try to get a .com.
  9. I purposely didn't put any aoe abilities because rogues suck at multiple targets. It's better to burn them down one at a time. I will look into the other issues you mentioned. Thanks :)
  10. i use heirloom gear. but you can use addons to auto equip better gear as you level and loot greens. before heirloom gear was a thing, i would myself (or have friends) run my alt through dungeons and collect all the gear from bosses. your main 90 should be able to solo well into wrath level dungeons. so a lot of times my alt would have gear sitting in the back and as i leveled and was able to use gear make a trip to the city.. train (back when you had to train on even levels) and gear up.
  11. I am not 100% positive, but I think the grinder product does not support the use of the flying mount. You could "trick" wrobot and list the flying mound as a ground mount, but it wouldn't fly. It would just follow your ground profile. I have never tried to make a grinder profile that would use a flying mount.
  12. hey dude. check out my profile for Temple of Kotmogu in the battlegrounds download section. i used it exclusively this past weekend for cta and it's a solid profile. although, i havent tested it with ally, but it should not matter because of the path is not faction specific. i have mostly been doing tok, av, and ab. i have found some battlegrounds work best without a profile. like av and ab, it's not as repetitive and obvious as a profile since it uses landmarks. when wrobot goes to Farm and stops and waits, it looks like i am there to help defend. i bet the no profile would be best for gilneas as well. i also like to set my target distance lower to like 40 yards. i only try and fight people who are relatively close. I havent done any silvershard mines yet. the best profile there would just make it a big circle around the center area where the carts spawn. that way wrobot would not follow the same path to some mine capture point where no one or no cart is. super sketch. strand of the ancients could be a little sketch because of the opening of the doors as your team progresses. wrobot could get stuck a lot trying to follow a profile through an unopened door. wrobot is retarded when it comes to the opening of doors and teleporters mechanic. if the door is open, wrobot will still use the teleporter to get "through" the door. for that reason i would avoid any battlegrounds that use them. yes, to record a profile it is very similar to a grinding profile.
  13. hey thanks! i noticed it today, very clean.
  14. i ended up fighting one vs one another bot in bg. longest fight ever!
  15. fall0ut

    Battleground AI

    also should loot from warlock soulwells. so we can incorporate more healing capabilities in our pvp fight classes.
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