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Found 27 results

  1. Version 1.0.9


    Hello everyone, Today i wanted to release my Automated PvP Honor Tools for when you are Botting in battlegrounds, So you'll be able to bot more efficiently but maintain the steady flow of honor income on you're toons. (Dont waste all them hours botting for honor just to get over capped while away from you're computer!) Features: All epic gem are set (off by default.) Honor amount you wish to buy at (Set to 10,000 by default.) Will add army Capabilities (Coming Soon.) Leave battle Ground with a set amount of honor (75,000 by default. you are aloud to set you're own amount) Added Leave battlegrounds (off by default.) Added option to buy PvP mounts ( Off by default. "Once you turn the option on for the mount you wish to buy, it will buy only one and learn it. No buying more then one") Hearthstone to dalaran, then move to the city where the vendors are at. Known Bugs: Having battle ground debuff casing movement problems. (working on over riding battleground state.) 07/22/2019 - Update should fix this (if not , report it to me. Credits : 1) @anarchia For the mount idea If you find any bugs or want me to implement anything, Join my discord server and send me a message. : https://discord.gg/ppm8Ufc Feel free to hit the  Button ♥
  2. Ok, with AV in most cases it will run into walls and getting stuck in a lot of places I finally found a way to fix it took me a long time to get it but here is a video of it in action. I am going to make a guide on how to fix this in video form but I spent a long time and time is money for more if you are interested in this please PM me. The video is doing a full AV on X4 speed. So you don't need to look at it the whole time. Finally you can set it and forget it. I was able to get exalted with no problems and no ban.
  3. Having problems with the AV queuing and also accepting the queue? Having problems getting grinder to work with battlegrounder? This is for Vanilla I got it fixed will show you step by step on fixing it! Send PM!
  4. Was wondering if there was a way to tweak how the bot follows people in battlegrounds, specifically AV. Once the battleground starts it will follow people fishing, picking flowers, afk, and will also run back into the entrance when people spawn into AV. Once the bot is out midfield and spawning from the GY it seems to do okay but getting there is the issue. thanks again
  5. Hi, playing on Private server 1.12 Vanilla BG bot - it will speak to the BG master, however wont "Join Battle" to queue for BG. once I manually click "Join Battle", it joins BG and everything is fine. However I end up having to manually click Join Battle every game. I posted this topic last week but havent got much response so adding some additional info. Log is attached here but you cant really see much in it - i have taken a video to explain to you what is happening.6 9月 2018 12H05.log.html Thank you
  6. Version 2.3.0


    Its true. Never rejoins BG, even on transport. Accepts BG using UPDATE_BATTLEFIELD_STATUS event callback and alternative method (button click). Usefull for some private servers where AcceptBattlefieldPort function is disabled (some servers also will require modified wManager.dll - i think v.2.2.0 can work without patching, if you select "disable AcceptBattlefieldPort call" - this code unsafe and removed). Version 2.x: Plugin uses battlefield statistics for determinig and auto focus enemy healers, check plugin settings (do not set Search distance much more than your fight class range). Also you can mark enemies usung Radar3D (just for fun, wow addons can do it better). It can auto mark party healers when you party leader; After resurrection it can wait N milliseconds before using ground mount to let your fightclass make all buffs (Resurrect BG workaround) Dont forget to remove AutoBG plugin if you used version 1.x
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Hello, This is a plugin for people who bot battlegrounds while they are away. this plugin will close your wow once once you reach 75k honor, Hope it helps you avoid doing bgs where you gain nothing from it.
  8. Version 1.0.0


    Alliance Battlegrounder profile for The Battle of Gilneas. Cycles through bases. This profile worked good for me (tested on MoP), if you experience any problem feel free to report it. Have fun
  9. Version 1.0.0


    Alliance Battlegrounder profile for Eye of the Storm. Cycles through bases and middle. This profile worked good for me (tested on WoTLK and MoP), if you experience any problem feel free to report it. Have fun
  10. Version 1.0.0


    Alliance Battleground profile for Arathi Basin. It doesn't run into water and it does a nice path. This profile worked good for me (tested on WoTLK and MoP), if you experience any problem feel free to report it. Have fun
  11. Version 1.0.0


    This is a very basic profile for Warsong Gulch Battleground, it doesn't run into tunnels and does a decent path without stucks. This profile is for MoP Expansion only.
  12. Добрый день,совсем недавно скачал этого бота,не понл еще всех фишек. Решил пофармить немного бг,но вот беда,перс не сидит на бг больше 10 минут ,вылетает какой то Error 10 или 25.(25 по моему если база падает), а вот что за 10 как решаетс ? может кто встречал такую же проблему.
  13. Hello! As the title says, i noticed the character after the resurrection on Battlegrounds istant mounts and runs, instead of buffing himself. I put the buffs on top priority and "require combat=false" and "me is combat=false" so I don't know what I'm missing. Why the bot does so much priority to the mount after the resurrection? Any suggestion? =)
  14. Есть заготовка плагина для БГ. Делает примерно то же, что и аддон BattlegroundTargets, но в роботе: определяет состав и роли в группе противника. Все это складывает в таблицу, которой можно дальше пользоваться. Например, атаковать в первую очередь хилеров. Пока что просто спамит в инстанс чат количество противников и кто у них хилер (настраивается). Интересует кого такая штука или пофиг? Насчет атаки - нужна только идея, на какое событие посадить выбор противника
  15. Version 1.0.1


    This is a sneak peek at my upcoming, paid PvP fightclasses, which will be superior to this one. This fightclass uses frame lock. If you end up with low FPS, it is likely the server responding slowly at high load. Disable frame lock in the settings. If you disable player attack, it will blacklist players after using a random emote. Currently does the following (without giving too much insight to make it detectable): - uses totems in a smart way - chain heal when appropriate - big heal if neccesary (only instant) - bloodlust when it makes sense - shocks/grounds/tremors casts around you if necessary - purges some useful buffa - DPS if no heal required (for anyone in range) Check out my other Fightclasses:
  16. Hello there ! First, english is not my natural language and as I learnt it out of school I can sometimes sounds maybe rude or I do not know....you got the idea ! Let's go ! I have few problems about Wrobot battlegrounder, (which is a very good and usefull bot) In warmane there are sometimes quiet a few Wrobot users connected at the same time in the same BG, people that have the same Wrobot setup as me, I mean the basic Waypoint/Pathfinding so the result is very weird we have few PlayersBots running after each others taking the exact same strange turning angles (sometimes the path is a straigh line and every bots turns 2 times for nothing at the exact same place with the exact same angle, during that kind of moment I feel very bad for our characters safety. As im botting with 4 differents accounts (all are in battlegrounder mode) I do not need the other Wrobot user to, sometimes, meet this "Strange following and turning" situation. Other problem related to waypoints : -Bots get often stuck for 10-20 sec in the Alterac's bunkers.... -Bots are spending far too much time in water in arathi bassin (this is very unsafe, every normal player avoid water 90% of the time) They also get stuck in some stupid skinny stick in warsong. In eye of the storm, sometimes the bot is suiciding, jumping from the rock to the ground, then to the ground it jumps to a lower level (which is under the rock where we spawn) and die or get stuck for a moment with 5% HP So here is my question (I took a look and did not find) Can I set up my own check points ? (of course depending on the BG my bot is doing).and if I can do it where the hell is it hiding xD And the last problem, which is a big one, sometimes the bot in alterac go back to the beginning spawn for no reason, it unmount then go to the spawn then come back and them sometimes come back AGAIN to the spawn before leaving this cavern. I would have want to know if I can do something here ? I hope all this question have not already been asked 1000 times, I tried to take a look here and there and found nothing. Thank you for reading !!
  17. I'm building a custom profile/healing fight class for PvP and the Battleground Free State is force targeting hostile players and trying to attack them in the short window between targeting the intended friendly target and casting the heal spells. Along with the targeting, the forced movement is messing with the class as well. Is there a way to force stop the movement and fighting until re-enabled by a function? As in: Me.InCombat = true; Battleground.Dispose(); ...fight class with personal movement and targeting... Me.InCombat = false; Battleground.Run();
  18. Hello, The Battleground is not working in Cata 4.3.4, it was working for me a few days ago but now it doesnt. Already tried to reinstall but still having the same problem. The queue pops but the bot does not enter the battleground. It leaves and then queues again.
  19. I am having a problem with three horde side Battlegrounds, WSG, SotA and Twin Peaks. The general problem is the same, my character just runs into a wall. Specifically: WSG: when I respawn, I turn and just run into the west fence and wall of the respawn area. The fence in that area is kinda new so the route news to be reworked. Twin Peaks: when the game begins I go right into the water and then just run into the deck and if I get around it, I run into the building. SotA: This one is a mess, I am constantly running into walls and unbroken gates. I had to make this BG one that I do not cue for.
  20. Hello, I recently bought the bot and I like it a lot, it is a very advanced bot. But I am having an issue with my main usage: Honor farming. In quite a lot of BGs, the bot gets stuck against a cliff or in the water and shuts down the whole game after being stuck a while with the message "26 blockages". Am I configuring something wrong, is own profiles in BG a must or is there any way to disable this auto shutdown after being stuck a while? The attachment is an example from AV, but this happens in almost EVERY BG. Please help. Log: [N] 19:31:44 - [MovementManager] Waypoint timed out [N] 19:31:44 - [MovementManager] Report navmesh poly to avoid it [N] 19:31:44 - [Path-Finding] Cannot find path: PVPZone01 - 380,9413;33,36771;-669,1604 - 3057,441;66,57272;-579,5945 [N] 19:31:44 - [Path-Finding] Path Count: 1 [D] 19:31:44 - [MovementManager] Avoid wall: StrafeLeft [D] 19:31:45 - [MovementManager] Avoid wall: StrafeLeft [D] 19:31:46 - [MovementManager] Avoid wall: StrafeLeft [D] 19:31:47 - [MovementManager] Avoid wall: Jump [N] 19:31:48 - [MovementManager] Think we are stuck [N] 19:31:48 - [MovementManager] Trying something funny, hang on [N] 19:31:49 - [MovementManager] Think we are stuck [N] 19:31:49 - [MovementManager] Trying something funny, hang on [N] 19:31:50 - [MovementManager] Report navmesh poly to avoid it [D] 19:31:50 - [MovementManager] Current pos: 675,0565 ; -387,073 ; 34,26762 ; "None" - Target pos: 579,5945 ; -3057,441 ; 66,57272 ; "None" Continent: PVPZone01 Tile: 32.72576_30.73427 [D] 19:31:50 - [StuckResolver] Started. Thanks, xNomad
  21. Helo. I just bought the bot, everything seems to work fine except the battlegrounder. I select the option to queue to random BG's then click on the start button. The program joins to the que and then nothing happens. The window to enter the BG never appears. Just tested it 2x 6 hours. I don't use any addon, already tried to set it to Dx9, I've tried to delete the WTF folder, also tried to run both the game and the bot with administration privileges. When I try it without the bot everything works fine. Also, if I join a BG manually then start the bot everything works, but when the BG is over it doesn't leave the zone, waits 2 minutes to forcequit by the server, then it joins the que again and nothing happens for hours. Btw is there a way to convert LazyBot profiles for WRobot? System: Windows 10 x64 Wow ver.: 4.3.4 build 15595 Bot ver: 1.5.8 build 23889 Sorry for bad english, it isn't my native. Log file is attached to the post. log.txt
  22. At Silvershard Mines, he seems to get stuck every time he leaves starting zone for Ally, by the wooden things. Temple of Kotmogu he usually goes aroud the door and stays there. I just realized there is no profile for them, so he uses "landmarks" which are not very good... Strand of Ancients, when attacking, most of times, falls into water and stays. If I was to make one, do I just record the path like a grinding profile ?
  23. so when ever i run the bot for BG grinding as soon as my toon engages combat wow freezes is there somthing i can do to stop this from happing ? cheers
  24. Hey, I tested your trial version of the bot and I like it so far. BUT as everyone knows it is quite risky to use it for BGs and hence the coders should make this bot as unsuspicious as possible. Main problem: The beginning of every BG, you can spot any bot easily since no matter if its Honorbuddy, WRobot or TheNoobBot what all those bots have in common is that they start running and mounting up all together as soon as the countdown is over - not very sneaky. Can you please make this bot start like 2 seconds before the countdown is over, or make it random -5 s to +3 s as an offset for the countdown. Thx
  25. ok im a 35 Destro warlock and i want to do bgs so i clicked the destro fight class and the bot ques for the bg but once it gets in it doesnt do anything i just sit there i also tied to make my own fight class also the logs keep saying casting dark intent over and over and over and over
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