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  1. thanks jensen im still a little confused on how to download ? I think i figured it out, Just download any 1.12 client and go from there.
  2. I Have never played a on private server, could someone send me a link or point me in the right direction to start play vanilla wow on a private server. Doesn't need to be able to use bots, just actual play.
  3. I was teleported one zone over one or two days before the last ban wave. Was in suramar herbing the teleport error popped up. Logged my toon back in i was in valsharah (sp). Probably just a bug, but it was the first time i ever saw a teleport error.
  4. virtual

    Ban wave - 30 March 2018

    I would love for wrobot to find some new genius bot technique. Especially with new expansion coming in 4 months. But i have lost more accounts here in 2 months then i have in 2 years. So ill take break and watch the ban rate to determine the condition of wrobot. Fingers crossed you guys get it sorted out.
  5. virtual

    Ban wave - 30 March 2018

    So long and thanks for all the fish.
  6. See that little panda at the top of the screen where it says announcements, if you highlight the panda Username Droidz you can send him a message. Dont know if this link will work but you can try this https://wrobot.eu/profile/1-droidz/
  7. i cant believe that they would allow anyone to purchase a key right now especially a 3 day trial to boot lol Ask for a refund and wait till the bot is functional
  8. 5 days You must be farming wow tokens from blingatron :)
  9. There have been multiple banwaves in the past 2 weeks. Everyone is hopeful there is a work around, but as far as i know this is the only public bot available all eyes on us. If we can't even make it 2 weeks it wont pay for itself the bot has to make it atleast 30 days to be profitable. But even then who wants to be banned every 30 days. But like i said 30 days is 50/50 blizzards get half the gold you get the other half. Will see. 3/8 the bans started this time. If you don't see another wave in 30 days then maybe its a fluke :)
  10. virtual

    Ban wave - 9 March 2018

    Thank you for answering this. appreciate it.
  11. virtual

    Ban wave - 9 March 2018

    What difference is it going to make If its detected ? It wasn't even two weeks since the last ban wave. If wrobot is in blizzards radar now the bans are going more and more frequent. I understand the want / need ( monthly subs, money in your pocket) to release a new version but what good is a new version going to do if your program is now detected ? What makes wrobot any different then the Honorbuddy and soapbox and others who have retired the bot due to blizzards new detection methods ?
  12. Okay somehow it fixed it self. Dont know how but it did. Thanks droidz
  13. okay i think i have it but now it doesnt switch to cat form but after it gathers every herb it switches from flight form to troll form then back to flight form. EDIT: Im not understanding why the bot thinks it has to switch out of flight form at all. Flight form doesnt break on herbs and stirrups allow you to gather ore without dismounting. so its the bot breaking its own form ? doesnt make sense.
  14. Using a druid to gather herbs and ore, every time it gathers it changes to cat form then stealths then to travel form. Someone mentioned making a condition to stop this from happening. Im clueless can someone help me out. I just want to use travel form and only switch to feral when in combat.
  15. Is there a how to , where i can learn to set conditions, this is a foreign term to me.
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