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Im having trouble finding the right condition for when im poisoned. Example: Im a paladin in tanaris hunting hyenas but sometimes I pull a scorpion and they always give me slowing poison which removes movement and attack speed. Anyone know which condition is right for poison? There is one called "Influenced" but it lacks options....

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You need to use Lua to iterate your debuffs and get their debuff type, then cast Purify if it's poison. 

https://github.com/droidzfr/WRobot_Packages/blob/fccc740c611b6447361d401c2aa35bb401d6f638/Old paid files/akuros/PriestDiscipline By Akuros v1.2.cs#L302

You also need to find the correct parameters for your Wow version. They're different between 1.12.1, 2.4.3, 3.3.5a, 4.3.4, etc

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