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  1. Hello! So like the title says whenever i make a hunter fightclass (simple one for grinding) it stops the autoattack 3 out of 4 fights. He starts by pulling with concussive shot (like ive set) and that will trigger my pet (defensive mode) to charge the mob. Once my pet has aggro my bot is supposed to start auto shooting and he does for like split a second before my hunter stutter steps forward or something and cancels the auto attack animation. Since ive set it to "cast once per combat". I know about the range option and have tried to set to both 35 and 30 but it does the same thing. If i
    Hey I have a question... Im trying out the retri pala spec in wotlk and the bot just burns all my mana up in 2-3 mobs and then proceeds to pull and just auto hit untill I die which is usually within 2 mobs. There is no option for seal of wisdom inside this bot and im just curious how people test this and say its viable?? Maybe I need to buy full spirit gear on auction house? Please help. Druid bot works great as always but since the option to drink water (mana) for me is bugged then im not sure if im missing something?
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