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  1. nah I think its a fight to filter out garbage profiles you have to pay for
  2. I bought wrobot to bot because I can't play wow everyday 24/7 maybe like you, I shouldnt expect to pay for a bot to have to spend more time on the bot/learning how to make profiles rather than botting. I did not come here to spend my only free time to write profiles for myself, when I buy something on here I atleast expect it to work... idiot
  3. I agree with this, thats the main reason why I am hesitating to buy profiles here.
  4. I dont think you or any developers understand the point of this thread lol
  5. my exact point about what I said earlier lmao, anyway im gonna test out the vanilla 1-60 and see how it works
  6. Ik that but the most popular private server warmane-icecrown 1-80 takes ~294 quests
  7. tried it already only thing is im an alliance player and all my 80s are ally
  8. I expected after all these years wrobot would have gotten better ... how did honorbuddy have multiple free 1-80/90/100/110 profiles for free that worked flawlessly? on top of that free gathering profiles that were also flawless, I use these so called "paid" profile demos and they get stuck after 20 mins, if the demos getting stuck im not wasting money on buying anything
  9. I have no experience but I plan on learning once classic comes out, also I wouldn't mind buying profiles on here if wrobot actually sponsored devs to make profiles(LIKE EVERY OTHER GOOD BOTTING COMPANY), I dont care if they are free or paid I just want to know they will be around for a long time and wont just disappear once sales go bad or they don't sell anything , and basically I am not going to gamble with buying profiles from random people hoping they work or hoping they keep them updated because the rate of updates or effort they put into is how many people blindly buy their profiles which makes no sense to me. I have looked through the profile sections and countless time's have seen droidz put "Blah Blah Blah has not been responding so this profile is now free" LMAO what kind of business is this, so poorly ran if he hired devs to make profiles for the public and were put on contract to not ghost randomly wrobot would probably get a lot bigger and generate more income. I say sponsor devs because a lot of people are like me and have no idea how to code and wrobots moto is looking like buy this I provide you a client, and you make shit for yourself good luck buddy
  10. do you mean profile? I am currently wondering the same since I don't see much recent feedback on paid profiles so it makes me very skeptical who to trust
  11. I understand now kinda sucks it works like that 😕 I'm probably just going to use wrobot for rotations while leveling sicne my pqr doesn't support leveling
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