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    Overview: Hi Wrobot Users, The Wholesome team is proud to present the Wholesome Vendor Manager plugin. This Plugin comes with all needed presets in mind and hopefully fullfil all your needs in terms of vendor Interactions. How to install: Download the .dll File which is attached to this Topic and put it into the Plugins Tab of WRobot. Autoupdater: This Plugin comes with 2 special Autoupdater. The first one checks everytime you press play if your Plugin is uptodate and if not it will pull the latest available version. The second is a Databaseupdater which checks if you have a 3.3.5 Database available. If not it will DL a compressed one of our Server and extract it into your Wrobot Folder. After this it checks if Updates of the Database is needed and if so it patches it. Other Plugins like HMP which relies on similar Databases are not affected by this. Features: Buying Ammunition: The Plugin determine which Ranged Weapon you have equipped and will buy according to this the best available Ammunition of Vendors. Buying Drink/Food: The Plugin determine your Level and will buy according to this the best available Food of Vendors. Buying Poisons: The Plugin determine your Level and will buy according to this the best available Poisons of Vendors. Buying Bags: The Plugin will buy Bags if you have enough Money (recommended 6 Slot for the Start). Training: The Plugin will determine your level and your class and will do Trainingruns according to your level and Class. Mounts: The Plugin buy the needed Mount if the Setting is activated. Train Riding: The Plugin will train riding if the user is on the correct continent. Repair/Sell: The Plugin will try to Sell everytime it does one of the above Functionalities or if you don´t have enough Bagspace. So the runs to town will be minimized. Mail: Before any of the above things happen, the Bot will try to mail according to your entries you have done the Items you defined in your Lists to the receipient. All this was rewritten from scratch to fit the needs of the Users. Mailboxes will only be used when the Database contains one in a Range of 200 from the current choosen NPC. Whitelist Zones: The Plugin has another noteable Feature which is an whitelist for Zones. So according to your level there are Zones which are whitelisted, so only NPC´s out of this Zone will be choosen. When you progress in the Leveling more and more Zones will be whitelisted, so the Bot will only choose NPC´s which should be save to be reached. For all Options you can change this inside Wrobot in the Default Settings. The Plugin Checks too if there is an NPC available or not (like on pvp servers where the other Faction kills sometimes NPC´s) and will blacklist it for the session if it is not available. As Ususal: If you notice something or have a suggestion, let us know. (Ps.: The Plugin was heavily tested for Horde, so please give it a try on Alliance too and let us know). Project Wholesome – A quick word The goal of Project Wholesome is to develop, test, and freely share wRobot products. All the code created under the project is transparent, open-source, and then released in the store for free. Nothing released under Project Wholesome is sold for profit, although individual donations are welcome. We are always looking for more testers and developers. If you want to participate, please join our Discord channel. Project Wholesome Discord: https://discord.gg/NEq4VA6 Special thanks Special thanks to the entire Wholesome team, as usual, for their support and help. Enjoy!
  2. I'm trying to set up a grinding profile with selling and mailing, however the bot is unable to send the mail. The Bot log is not showing anything out of place (it finds the mailbox and tries to send a mail, after it fails it just go to next waypoint): [N] 13:50:30 - [Path-Finding] Path Count: 2 13:50:32 - [ToTown] MailBox found 13:50:37 - [ToTown] Mail sending at * [N] 13:50:37 - [Path-Finding] Path Count: 2 However, in the game I get a Lua error: Error: `for' limit must be a number String: FXRrPCnRkWnD.lua Count: 1 I'm trying this with addons on and off, get the same message. Edit: I've encountered another problem - bot sometimes doesn't sell everything it should. I've had several occasions where bot stops selling items even if there are still grey/items put as force sell in the bag.
  3. Hi. Currently i'm farming Dreamleaf in val'sharah. But every time the bags are filled the bot doesn't cast the mount for sell the scrap. I need help with this problem.
  4. The role of normal patrol Daguai pick, when the bag reaches the set number of remaining cells X = 2, it will return to the vendor sales, This process, the probability of stuck, the character has been selling, but can not sell goods. Speculation: it may be because the character in the implementation of the move from the hang-up point to meet the vendor on the way to meet the monster kill pick the number of backpack less than 2, it will be stuck in the NPC Department, // can be modified to backpack is less than X, the sale Solve the problem?? this card is not 100% trigger, but it is real Please master pointing,
  5. Hello. I need some workable examples strings C# for buying/selling in auction. I have seen "wManager.Wow.Helpers.AuctionHelpers" in Visual Studio, but i dont understand how make it work. I dont want change every time product to "Auction" or using LUA/addons when me need buy some items, so i need it make in Quester.
  6. Looking at the auction house, it seems some people understand that bots use an undercut percent based on minimum/maximum/average/middle value of all items because random people are posting one item in a list of tradeskill items that is over 2000% of the average cost. This throws off the entire base average and kills any chance of grabbing an item at a correct value relative to the actual market cost. An easy fix would be to take all the items in the search and checking for anything that is extreme in the cost difference and removing it from the total value at the end. This could work off of say anything over a 100%-500% difference of other items in the list.
  7. I just downloaded the Trial account, interested in buying it, just want to make sure it´s a good program. I am currently using all defaults only, set to Grinding mode 1-60 Ally, except for the fight class Warrior Fury made by Loki I clicked General Settings, Vendor (Selling or Buying) and checked the "Selling" box But when my inventory is full, the bot just keeps killing mobs, and it doesn't go back to any NPC to sell the trash. So, I was wondering: - does this feature only work for paid programs ? - if it works for trial, do I have to configure something on my own? If so, how ? Thank you in advance !
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