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Found 5 results

  1. Version 26365


    Use talents (1,2,3,1,1,1,1) Check screenshot. Great profile for PVE, in the future I will post with improvements for PVP. CHECK THE OPTIONS ON FIGHTCLASS, see screenshot 2 !!! Auto Stealth Auto Interrupt (KICK for spells can interrupt and Kidney Shot for all Spells) RECOMMEND DISABLE *Kidney Shot* in PVE, to save combo points. Tell me what you think, did you find any fault? Say it ! I accept rotations and suggestions for improvements.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    ONLY FOR WoW 3.3.5a! | or 3.3.5a+ before poisons get spells, but not tested yet! Plugin to refresh Poisons after they expired. You can set your Poisons in the Plugin Settings. Installation: Extract the two files into the the plugins folder! Then start/restart WRobot and activate EasyPoison under the Plugins Tab. Setup your Poisons: Go into the plugin settings and fill the field's of the main/offhand poisons with your poison-name(case sensitive!) or poison-itemid of choice. NOTICE/SELF-HELP:
  3. Hey all, Just looking to make this profile 100%- its a Rogue survival build for lvl 100 combat Rogues. Built for Survival / farming over pure dps. only issue im having is that the rogue will never, NEVER apply the poison. Looking for both leaching and deadly. I have moved primarily to rouges as my main farming bot as they cant be seen by most people moving between mobs / nodes = less chance of being caught. all i need is this to make them 100%. The profile itself works well, i Just cant get them to apply poisons, thoughs? profile attached. cheers Enny Eeny_combat_rogue_survival.xml
  4. Version 1.0.1


    Ladies and Gentlemen, This has been my most requested fight class. (Didn't think I'd get so many requests this early) This is WAY past due for the Rogue fight classes and I plan on making an in depth one for each spec. You guys need to understand that I need to start and level a character each time there's a request so it takes a bit of time. Now. This is a Pre-cap release but I'm more than certain enough it will farm the crap out of anything at any level. ;) All three poisons are optional, Blade Flurry will turn on when more than one enemy is attacking and automatically turn off after combat. Slice and Dice will be used when not active, Eviscerate will be used when it is and if you drop below 50% HP Recuperate will be used. Pre-Cap Release: Poisons: All three available. They need to be turned on in the settings prior to start. Finishing Moves: Slice and Dice when not active and healthy. Recuperate when below 50% HP. Eviscerate when Slice and Dice is active and have combo points. Blade Flurry: Will self toggle when more than one enemy is attacking and turn itself off when combat has finished. Kick: Will when enemy is casting. Stealth: Uses it when hostiles are near or approaching enemy for combat (15 yards). Opens with Ambush when approaching more than one enemy, otherwise cheapshot will be used (to limit damage) Evasion/Sprint: Evasion is used at 30% HP. Talents: 15 - Nightstalker 30 - Nerve Strike If you download and use this profile, PLEASE leave ANY feedback on how you felt it was. You guys letting me know what you want/need is what makes my fight classes better! -Axehole
  5. By default, this solution cast a lethal and a non-lethal poison, depending of the knowledge and the priority-list (idPoisons[1]=lethal, [2]=non-lethal). If there is already a poison, and the run time of the poison will be less then 13 min, it will be renewed, if we are not in combat. (We need it before) not AFK (who want casting while afk ?!?) not Falling, Flying or Riding (mounted) (flying + casting = falling) not casting Why 13 Minutes ? Because of the duration time of a fight with a raid boss. You want more or less ? Change the 13 in local timeLeftToCastAgain = 13*60 to another value. <FightClassSpell> <SpellName>--Poison Managment</SpellName> <FightClassConditions> <FightClassCondition> <ContionType>LuaScript</ContionType> <Param xsi:type="FightClassConditionLua"> <LuaScript> if (GetUnitSpeed("player") == 0) and not (UnitCastingInfo("player")) and not (UnitChannelInfo("player")) and not (UnitAffectingCombat("player")) and not (IsMounted()) and not (IsFlying()) and not (IsFalling()) and not (IsResting()) and not (UnitIsAFK("player")) then --[[ refresh the Poisons if there are less then 13 min left (to be sure that it dont runs out while a raid boss fight ]] local timeLeftToCastAgain = 13*60; local idPoisons={} --[[ Deadly,Wound ]] idPoisons[1]={2823,8679} --[[ Leeching,Crippling,Mind-Numbing,Paralytic ]] idPoisons[2]={108211,3408,5761,108215} local now=GetTime(); for i=1,#idPoisons do local spell=""; local PoisonFound=0 for j=1,#idPoisons[i] do spellname=GetSpellInfo(idPoisons[i][j]) local name, rank, icon, count, debuffType, duration, expirationTime, unitCaster, isStealable, shouldConsolidate, spellId = UnitBuff("player",spellname); if (name==spellname) then local expireTimeLeft = expirationTime-now; PoisonFound=idPoisons[i][j] if (expireTimeLeft &lt; timeLeftToCastAgain) then if (IsUsableSpell(spellname)) then local start, duration, enable = GetSpellCooldown(spellname) if (duration==0) then CastSpellByName(spellname); spell=spellname; end end end break; end end if (PoisonFound==0) then for j=1,#idPoisons[i] do local spellname=GetSpellInfo(idPoisons[i][j]) if (IsUsableSpell(spellname)) then local start, duration, enable = GetSpellCooldown(spellname) if (duration==0) then CastSpellByName(spellname); spell=spellname; break; end end end end if not (spell=="") then print("Poison: "..spell) result=true break; end end end </LuaScript> <VarRet>result</VarRet> <ValueRet>true</ValueRet> </Param> </FightClassCondition> </FightClassConditions> <Priority>1</Priority> <CombatOnly>false</CombatOnly> <CheckIfKnowUsableDistance>false</CheckIfKnowUsableDistance> <CheckIfView>false</CheckIfView> <AddToSettingsActiveByDefault>true</AddToSettingsActiveByDefault> <NotSpellIsLuaScript>true</NotSpellIsLuaScript> <CanMoveDuringCast>No</CanMoveDuringCast> <DescriptionSpell>Poison Managment</DescriptionSpell> </FightClassSpell> based on WoW 5.4.2.
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