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    anarchia reacted to Droidz in [SUNWELL] Random Crashes?   
    if you can try with new update to check if crash problem are resolved
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    anarchia got a reaction from Droidz in [SUNWELL] Random Crashes?   
    Looks good so far. Would have crashed already
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    anarchia reacted to Reborn in Profile I created wont leave instance and reset.   
    That is a pathetic thing to say.... I have a trial like anyone else... trying to make sure I can do stuff with the bot, before buying, what's wrong with that?
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    anarchia got a reaction from TheSmokie in wRobot Survey + Profile Giveaway!   
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    anarchia reacted to Zickefoose in Hunter - ammo bags / loot and buying ammo   
    To bad no one is willing to help here. I think it has to do with greedy hands..... ( I.E. intentionally left out to encourage more fighter class sales )
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    anarchia reacted to CN in Manual / Documentation   
    Hi, is there some sort of documentation/manual of wManager, Quests. codes/params that we can use? or site that can refer to? or perhaps someone could highlight the overview of the commands available in respective area? newbie can explore further. such as what are the acceptable commands in Action type RunLuaCode (or a website of api commands accepted), RunMacroLua. 
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    anarchia reacted to eeny in First Questerprofile Assistance   
    There was a problem with your string
    return ItemsManager.GetItemCountById(45000) >= 4;
    I changed it- so make sure its correct.  it doesn't shoot a compilation error, however i don't have 3.3.5 so i cant test
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    anarchia reacted to danne3131 in REQUEST - Timelost Protodrake Profile   
    Hello guys! So ive made an pathfile where the character of mine is flying a path searching for the timelost protodrake. Some of you may tell me its best to just camp a spawn.. but I used this way on retail back in the days and it actually worked really good! But that was with honorbuddy.. Ive seen alot of requests about this so maybe its time to bring this to the table!
    At this time im to new to contribute to the community for myself, but im more than happy to learn how to work with Wrobot so i can contribute myself in the very near future!
    How i could see this profile work would be like this:
    First of all u have the Pathfile where the Bot flies around, The pathfile will be active at all time untill either Vyragosa or TLPD is spotted. It will then pause the "pathfinder" and move to the mob. When beside the mob and aggro has been pulled of with an wand/thrown/instant spell the bot will use either Levitate for mages etc OR Snowfall Lager wich can be bought with relics of ulduar by a npc in stormpeaks.
    If its possible to add a counter wich will tell you how many vyragosas/tlpds has been spotted and killed would be really amazing!
    Please contribute and help me with this! I will share the Pathfile ive used from back in the days converted to WRobot!

    Kind Regards, Daniel
    TLPD FARM.xml
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    anarchia reacted to eeny in How to create Quest profile   
    EasyProfilecreator is the way to go IMO
    Profile looks good- you may need to tick " is quest repeatable = true" as its a daily.
    otherwise the only other thing it could really be is an incorrect quest ID.  In EasyProfilecreator go to tools > helper tools and look for the " Current Quests Memory Info" button- hit that and it will give the quest ID's for the quests in your log.  Make sure thats the ID you are using.
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    anarchia reacted to hejsan1 in Northrend top level grind   
    LF profiles to grind northrend 78-80 mobs for gear and gold
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