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  1. Hi, I play this private server, and need a simple profile made and rotation, if anyone can do it, let me know, I could even pay.
  2. let me know if you need help with anything. all it needs to do is farm dungeon, do bosses, pick up tokens etc, and reset.
  3. Hi thank you.. well to be fair.. there's a few possible instances, more harder than others... like one of the instances (tier 15) You don't enter an instance. you teleport to it through the teleport npc... though for most of the higher tiers, you'll need a key to enter the instances... but dungeons like The Nexus of even calling of stratholme would be good ones to have. some instances you can cheese the bosses with classes with pets, like deathknights.. you can pull them through walls to avoid going through most of the dungeon, not sure how possible that is it do with a profile.
  4. thanks, doesn't help me much though but thank you anyway.
  5. Old cracked copy? Actually No, It's called a trial.... but keep on assuming. thank you.
  6. That is a pathetic thing to say.... I have a trial like anyone else... trying to make sure I can do stuff with the bot, before buying, what's wrong with that?
  7. I've managed to make a profile for a private server.. though for some reason it only goes back to the end of the instance, doesn't leave.. to reset it.
  8. willing to pay someone to make profiles on the level 255 private server. willing to pay, profiles requests are purely Dungeon farming (Most dungeons are small)..
  9. also you only get the trial open for 15 mins at a time, before it closes, not enough to to test profiles etc.
  10. I made one for "The Nexus" I've noticed if the bot dies, and tried to go back to the instance it stands on top rather than going on the inside.. 2. how can I make the profile use the pet trick, to pull a boss down from a location back to my char. willing to learn to someone who is willing to teach
  11. Lol, I was basically asking if anyone uses it on this server, Why would I buy it then it doesn't function or work like I intended, even the trial version doesn't give me enough time to try everything I need, before I take the plunge to buy... what a stupid thing to say.
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