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Hello guys! So ive made an pathfile where the character of mine is flying a path searching for the timelost protodrake. Some of you may tell me its best to just camp a spawn.. but I used this way on retail back in the days and it actually worked really good! But that was with honorbuddy.. Ive seen alot of requests about this so maybe its time to bring this to the table!

At this time im to new to contribute to the community for myself, but im more than happy to learn how to work with Wrobot so i can contribute myself in the very near future!


How i could see this profile work would be like this:

First of all u have the Pathfile where the Bot flies around, The pathfile will be active at all time untill either Vyragosa or TLPD is spotted. It will then pause the "pathfinder" and move to the mob. When beside the mob and aggro has been pulled of with an wand/thrown/instant spell the bot will use either Levitate for mages etc OR Snowfall Lager wich can be bought with relics of ulduar by a npc in stormpeaks.

If its possible to add a counter wich will tell you how many vyragosas/tlpds has been spotted and killed would be really amazing!


Please contribute and help me with this! I will share the Pathfile ive used from back in the days converted to WRobot!

Kind Regards, Daniel


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I appreciate the effort but honestly on a private server I don't grind achievements or rare things, Its just some "nerdy" thing i was used to do on retail. Thanks anyways for the "beta" profile, maybe someone will find it useful :)


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On ‎07‎-‎04‎-‎2017 at 4:12 AM, danne3131 said:

Not much action on this forum :o

Depend on what you are going for :-)
as scripterx said, i'm not sure that many would farm mounts and stuff on private servers.
One reason could be, there are some chance that blizzard will close it (or themself)

I would optimize that profile, and then wait and hope blizzard will get their ass out, and make a some legacy servers - then im sure people would farm that stuff again !

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I wanted the same and I also miss alot of Reputation/Achievment/Mount/Petfarm Profiles here. I moved here as the cracked version of Pirox is not very great, still Pirox has fcking shitloads of Profiles...

I let the old Profile run and tried to record it at same time with profile Creator.




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