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Hunter - ammo bags / loot and buying ammo

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Hi, I noticed a problem with the ammo bag on a hunter, it counts it as free bag space. So if i have 3+ free spaces in my ammo bag and the bot set to sell when it hits 2 free spaces it will never sell! Will continue to try and loot and fail everytime.

Can we have the ammo bags blacklisted so it doesnt count?


Also, was looking for an option to buy ammo, but cant see to see it on the advanced setting, options for dont sell your ammo and hearthstone, but nothing for buy. Is this coming? Or am i a dope!?


Great product! Keep up the good work and support :)

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Just make an open while statement - like:



ObjectManager.Me.Level > xxxx


wManager.Wow.Helpers.ItemsManager.GetItemCountByIdLUA(xxxxx) < xxxxx;


Var npc = new Npc
Entry = xxxx,
Position = new Vector3(Xxxxx, xxxxx, xxxx),
Type = Npc.NpcType.Vendor
int itemId = xxxx;

if (GoToTask.ToPositionAndIntecractWith(npc))
Vendor.BuyItem(ItemsManager.GetNameById(itemId), xxxxx);
return true;


And end if

ObjectManager.Me.Level <= xxxx


And make a go to step, to make it a loop?





And for the blacklisting:

wManager.wManagerSetting.Add blacklist "find where the bag is stores"Entry(xxxx, true);


- And it have nothing to do with the fightclass... It is the profiles that needs tweaks.

Personally I don't put stuff like this in my profiles, as that would be a hell, if you don't run a hunter ;)



I haven't tested it - so you might need to tweak it :-) - but this should give you an idea to move forward 

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I have something like this in my fight class to detect this situation:

wManager.Events.LootingEvents.OnLootingTaskEnd += (cancelable) => {

 * Check whether or not to stop the bot when the inventory is full
 * or no ammonition is available anymore.
 * (The full bag detection of wrobot is broken (because of the quiver))
private void CheckBagStopConditions()
  if (!this.HasBagSpaceFree() || !this.HasAmmonition())
    Logging.Write("Stop the bot!");

private bool HasBagSpaceFree()
  int FreeTotal = wManager.Wow.Helpers.Bag.GetContainerNumFreeSlotsNormalType;
  int FreeQuiver = wManager.Wow.Helpers.Bag.GetContainerNumFreeSlotsByBagID(4); // TODO: Make configurable
  int FreeForLoot = FreeTotal - FreeQuiver;

  return FreeForLoot > 0;

private bool HasAmmonition()
  if (MySettings.CurrentSetting.AmmonitionName == "")
    return true; // disable this check

  return ItemsManager.GetItemCountByNameLUA(MySettings.CurrentSetting.AmmonitionName) > 0;

It currently simply stops the bot. But you could use it to do anything else in this situation. You will need to replace MySettings.CurrentSetting.AmmonitionName with the name of the ammonition you use.

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