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  1. I do not see the new update still says 2.6.1
  2. this is what it says before the game closes [D] 09:57:24 - [Fight] Mob has moved more than 45 yards [D] 09:57:24 - [MovementManager] Avoid wall: StrafeLeft
  3. No It just happens randomly within the time that it works. Usually after I attack or kill a mob. I tried using a different fightclass hoping that would work and changing some settings in it but it didn't work. Once in a while I would get lucky and the bot would run with no problems but its very rare that it does that and I have to run it over and over just to possibly get it to work for even 1+ hours.
  4. Yeah I tried to use a different client. I've only had this problem with Tauri wow.
  5. Everytime I try to initialize the grinder or quester products the game closes with no error after like 1 minute of the bot running. I am playing on Tauriwow evermoon server. I have tried to disable all addons and different fight classes but it didnt work. How can I fix this problem?
  6. I am attempting to run the 7.3.5 version 26365 and it is giving me the error This license key is for an other wrobot program please check your key here. How can I fix this the other versions is incompatible so i need 7.3.5 version 26365 specifcally
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