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  1. Haha
    BetterSister reacted to Findeh in Northdale Bans?   
    I'll tell you guys a funny botting story, that only boters will understand, i guess. True story btw.
    Back in 2008-2009 when wotlk was released i was using WowMimic for grinding. It was decent cheap grinder back then and skinning was profitable. The bot was only able to run in circle (no pathfinder, only moveing from point A to point B, to C and so on) and spam 1, 2 , 3 buttons. We were using macrosses instead of rotation and bot was just spamming button 1 each second, button 2 each 5 seconds and button 3 each 15 seconds or someething like that. Bot was also able to sell stuff to a vendor and mail the rest to the alt. Just so you understand how shitty it was.
    There was no mail checking by GM's back then, so, as you may guess, everyone was sending things to an alt and then sell it. Everyone except me, because i was paranoid (and moron, even more then i am now). Instead of runing 30+ bots and mail loot to an alt, like everyone did, i was running like 5 bots and was selling everithing myself with every bot. By hands..
    And then one day chinese developers (or whoever they was) made an update for bot (and you was not able to reject update of your bot back then). With the new update, for some reason, instead of mailing to an alt bot was sending an empty ticket to GM (rofl). During one day hundreds of bots have "reported" themselves. It was so fucking funny, that i am laughing every time i remember this. Bot that spam tickets to gm, i can't even imagine how to do that on purpose.
    The forum was flooded with rage of the guys who have lost theyr farms, or was not able to bot and mail to an alt. And there was "smart" me, who was laughing at them all and giving advices like: "You should never mail to alt in a first place, because this way they may ban all you bots in one go, just by mail check" and so on.
    They was not even answering back then, and only after like year or two i counted that they were farming tones of gold with automated process almost without bans, and i was sitting there as slave with my shitty 5 bots, farming my 500$ per month, doing half work by hands and thinking how smart i am.
  2. Haha
    BetterSister reacted to Matenia in Hunter issue   
    If you have problems facing the target, look at the 1000s of topics regarding this issue where peopel don't run on 60 Hz with vsync enabled
  3. Confused
    BetterSister got a reaction from kpelkey151 in WRobot Not Working (Can't access memory?)   
    E] 21:50:52 - Keyboard access problem, activate option UseLuaToMove.
    [E] 21:50:52 - Warning: You need to activate 'Vertical Sync' option, for it go to 'Game Menu' > 'Video Options' > in 'Miscellaneous' activate 'Vertical Sync'.
    [E] 21:50:52 - Warning: You need to use '60Hz' at option the option 'Refresh', for it go to 'Game Menu' > 'Video Options' > in 'Display' select '60Hz' at the option 'Refresh'.
    [E] 21:50:52 - Warning: It is recommended to disable all wow AddOns.
    [E] 21:50:52 - Warning: You need to run Wow in Windowed mode, for it go to 'Game Menu' > 'Video Options' > in 'Display' activate option 'Windowed Mode'.
  4. Sad
    BetterSister got a reaction from Bambo in Can i get banned on live?   
    Yup. Doesn't matter what version of wow you bot they see it and you get hammer 
  5. Sad
    BetterSister reacted to Bambo in Can i get banned on live?   
    If you run wrobot on the same machine as your retail account at the same time, you will get in big trouble my friend.
    In other words: DON'T DO IT!
  6. Haha
    BetterSister reacted to CocoChanel in Northdale Warden scanning for hardware?   
    Just got 3 accounts banned that I had running on a virtual machine, meanwhile I had 7 others running that are perfectly fine that are outside of that VM.
  7. Haha
    BetterSister reacted to tonycali in Northdale Warden scanning for hardware?   
    TBC priv servers 2 new ones coming out in next 4-5 months elysium's and sunwells.  and once retails new servers come up they'll find a vulnerability and someone will have a new bot for it.  Its always been like this they just need time to see the new system.  maybe not wrobot but another person's project.
  8. Haha
  9. Like
    BetterSister reacted to Ordush in Northdale Warden scanning for hardware?   
    Rofl, are you seriously still not believing that some of us are having no issues?
    That is so funny.
  10. Sad
    BetterSister reacted to tonycali in MY wrobot said it closed becuase teleported.   
    I turn off close bot when teleported option because sometimes when you die and spawn at the Graveyard it will think you have been ported and close the bot/ game.  if u get ported to GM room and log out he's gonna close the account anyways.
  11. Sad
    BetterSister reacted to Droidz in Following: The begining of the end of WRobot for official servers   
    Following the "The begining of the end of WRobot for official servers" , I'll stop to sell subscriptions of WRobot for official servers the 24 June 2018, and I'll remove and stop support of this version the 24 July 2018 (or before if blizz release the BfA pre-patch earlier).
    This don't affected versions of WRobot for private servers.
    Kind regards
    EDIT: Subscriptions removed from the store 😪

    View full article
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    BetterSister reacted to Zan in buying a licence   
    I think you're being a little bit paranoid. I've never had any issues throughout the years with WRobot.
  13. Confused
    BetterSister reacted to Mike-Mail in Warlock Pet Attack Issue   
    @BetterSister Lock this thread. Status fixed .
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    BetterSister reacted to Mike-Mail in WRobot does not connect to the server, update timeout   
    Your member would be wrobot user, stop dying and get the fuck off here your cracker. Go steal someone else work.

  15. Like
    BetterSister reacted to Droidz in Pathfinder problem again?   
    Try : PathFinderPathIfDown.cs
    public class Main : wManager.Plugin.IPlugin { public void Initialize() { robotManager.Events.LoggingEvents.OnAddLog += delegate(robotManager.Helpful.Logging.Log log) { try { if (log.Text.StartsWith("GetRequest(string url=\"http://pathfinder") || log.Text.StartsWith("GetRequest(string url=\"https://pathfinder")) { robotManager.Products.Products.InPause = true; wManager.Wow.Helpers.MovementManager.StopMove(); robotManager.Helpful.Logging.Write("In pause because pathfinder server seem down"); } } catch { } }; } public void Dispose() { } public void Settings() { } }  
  16. Haha
    BetterSister reacted to Mike-Mail in error during download, please verif link   
    Buy a copy of wrobot might help
  17. Sad
    BetterSister reacted to Extc in Northdale Bans?   
    I'm mixing grinding and guesting, havent done any dungeons yet. 1 Ban and reason GM noticed im bot was someone reported me for not accepting his party invite while my bot was faster than like 15 people camping 1 quest boss, gm teleported me (i was monitoring and noticed this) so i did stop bot, did write "wtf is this?" and gm said cut the crap I know youre botting, "wait what?" You got reported about harrasment and beeing uncooperative, I checked whats up, and noticed you are botting, take a lesson and play the game as its ment to be played. And after that disconnected and acc closed 🙂 But yeh kinda unlucky someone got too mad 😄
  18. Haha
    BetterSister reacted to eeny in Picks up quests, but nothing more   
    Thats a legion file from the legion download section.  The bots trying to pick up a quest that only exists in Legion (seeing a trend here??) and it wont move till its go it.
    Use a BC quest file- that one wont work
  19. Sad
    BetterSister reacted to Enraged in My apologies, I have returned   
    Hey guys, 
    Just wanted to make a post to show my gratitude for the community and for the patience around my content. I had a business trip come up followed by an immediate family emergency that ended up lasting longer than expected across the country and the laptop I took to work on fried on me with my content.
    I apologize for the delay, and for any disappointment in the current state of my work. 
    I will have some updates out shortly for the old items to fix bugs and optimize, along with new content that I am very excited to work on and share.
    Love you all ❤️
  20. Confused
    BetterSister reacted to Mike-Mail in Quest TurnIn Repeatable Quest   
    Thank you, your welcome, her name is elena
  21. Sad
    BetterSister reacted to Mike-Mail in Failed to start   
    This is a grinder for honorbuddy it looks like and from what I can see it’s shit.
  22. Like
    BetterSister got a reaction from Garub in Click on the map   
  23. Like
    BetterSister reacted to Droidz in [ToTown] Unable to reach the vendor, blacklist it 120 minutes   
    To unblacklist vendor (add you own condition, check if you are in smart pull):
    robotManager.Events.LoggingEvents.OnAddLog += delegate(Logging.Log log) { if (!log.Text.Contains("[ToTown] Unable to reach the vendor, blacklist it 120 minutes (you can disable this NPC in NPC DB tab 'Tools').")) return; foreach (var n in NpcDB.ListNpc) { n.BlackList(-1); } }; Or make copy of npcdb before to start fight (in smartpull) and restaure copy after fight
    (but yes I need to add blacklist events)
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    BetterSister reacted to Droidz in hanyoo69 is asking for 1-45 profile via email   
    I ban him again and remove his subscription (without refund) because it does not respect the rules of use of WRobot
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    BetterSister reacted to Ordush in The proxy and you   
    Hello all!
    There are so many people here having issues with using proxies with WRobot.
    I'm going to write a thorough guide here, that will get you set up.

    Why use proxy?
    This subject has been discussed a lot.
    A proxy will not make it, so you are not banned. It will make sure that WHEN you are banned, only the char using that proxy is banned.
    I am using "WHEN" because, you will always get banned at least once if you use bots.
    What proxies are there?
    There are many kinds of proxies, but the most common are HTTP & Socks5.
    HTTP: A HTTP proxy will ONLY handle HTTP traffic, this is where many people go wrong with wow. use a socks proxy.
    Proxy Software:
    I am personally using ProxyCap, it's easy to set up and it has a simple interface.
    Proxy Addresses:
    I suggest getting a paid proxy. There are many sites out there to get proxies.
    Using a free one, has a bigger chance of getting you banned. Try and get a private, and you will be good.
    Proxies For You is what i use.
    1. Open your wow folder.
    2. Copy Paste your WoW.exe and rename it to something WoW.exe (I.e. "1 WoW.exe") Make sure that your filename ends with WoW.exe (Most bots and programs will look for WoW.exe, so if you call it "WoW 1.exe" then it won't recognize it.)

    1. Install ProxyCap  & Restart your PC when prompted.
    2. Right Click the ProxyCap Icon and click Configuration

    3. Click on Proxies to the left (under RuleSet)
    4. Click the "New Proxy Server" icon (This does not have any text, but is a white logo with some gold on top) It's in the top right corner.

    5. Give it a Display Name: I recommend using this syntax: Country X. (I.e. London 1)
    6. Make sure type is set to Socks5 (should be standard).
    7. Write your IP address in Hostname (I.e. <- This is localhost, don't use that lol..
    8. Write your port: (I.e. 27015) <- Guess a game..
    9. If you have locked your IP with a username and password, Enable "Proxy requires authentication" and write in username and password.

    10. Click OK
    11. Click on Rules to the left (under RuleSet)
    12. Click the "Quick Add Rule" icon (This does not have any text, but is a white logo with some gold on top) It's in the top right corner.

    13. Make sure Rule Action says "Redirect through proxy".
    14. Click on (Default) under proxy and choose your newly made proxy from before
    15. Click on Specify under Program
    16. Click the three dots ... To the right of the box under Specify and select your new wow.exe file (I.e. "1 WoW.exe")
    17. Under Transports Check TCP and UDP.
    18. Give it a name under Rule Name. I suggest using your wow name here.  (I.e. "1 WoW.exe")

    19. Click OK
    20. Profit
    If you start your game through that exe file it will run through proxy.
    A nice way to check if it works, is by replacing your IP in Proxies with something random.
    Try to connect to a server, if it does not connect with a random IP address that is not working, it will not get a connection. This means the exe file is running through proxy.
    Another way is by double clicking Proxy Cap icon. If your game is in the list, you know that it's going through a proxy.

    This way works with Relogger!
     In your relogger under Tasks, click add and choose ChangeWoWPath and change your Path to Wow: so it fits with your new proxied wow file.