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    BetterSister got a reaction from Energia in Is complete condition: Reached position   
    return (ObjectManager.Me.Position.DistanceTo2D(new Vector3(1813.49f, -4418.58f, -18.57f)) < 10)); just change the coords
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    BetterSister got a reaction from Neuroxium in It doesn't work for me in the classic version.   
    Oh really? How is that possible... 

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    BetterSister got a reaction from Razzue in Sick of buying garbage profiles   
    yes for these with active sub
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    BetterSister got a reaction from Razzue in Wow Classic is comming. i Need a bot ASAP.   

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    BetterSister reacted to Ordush in Sick of buying garbage profiles   
    @Droidz As soon as I have the time, I will be adding all my fightclasses without in-game interface for free. You can add them to the default download by then. ?
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    BetterSister reacted to Droidz in Sick of buying garbage profiles   
    I replied to private message of @youthemannowdog, I'll now reply to the public post.
    I cannot dispute that Honorbuddy was a good with a lot of contents, but you have bad memories about Glider, this bot was very basic (watch videos on Youtube). Only Honorbuddy (and maybe Rebot) can compete with WRobot. About price, you have bad memory too: https://web.archive.org/web/20170929193659/https://www.honorbuddy.com/  and WRobot itself was already been at 30 € the lifetime subscription for retail (prices change over time). 
    There is a trial version to test WRobot, with access to all files, all forum messages, I do not censor anything (the proof with this post), I cannot be more honest. For normal use (1 session), WRobot is 1.90 € per month, it is correct as price (of course, I can understand that in certain countries or for certain persons this price is high).
    You also need to remember that you buy a bot, it's for people who like to hack, I try to make it easy to use for all but it's still a type of software for advanced users who likes to tweak, I don't sell a game or family application. Moreover, to reproduce a human behavior is very complicated, big company with big budget does not do much better with total access to the game (look at the result on certain game).
    I understand that it lacks free contents, it is a real problem, believe me I tried many times to find people (that I would have paid) to work on it and I never found one (I never really play Wow, if I create the content myself it would not be great, and I prefer to work on the bot itself). After some research of creator that lead nowhere, I decided to allow paid content, and since many profiles / fightclasses has been released (paid files, but these files would not exist otherwise).
    About the quality of paid files it's complicated, I check all files but I can not test everything, you have the rating system to say what you think of the files. About the prices I tried to maintain correct price, but what can be expensive for someone can be correct price for another, it's complicated too. It takes me time to manage paid files, and I do not touch any commission (except sell subscription which is free for elite users). In summary, if I accepted that users can sell files is for you, without that these profiles / plugins / fightclasses would not even exist.
    About WRobot he is stable, and his API is enough complete and stable (and missing API can be added with lua or C# code), the mesh is not perfect but he works in most areas. Some developers create good dungeon profiles (and have created profiles for complex quest zones, especially when WRobot supported the official servers, I already tested demon hunter start zone profile and he works very fine, look videos in Youtube it is not easy zone to bot). The problem is that in some cases it is must to adapt profile to WRobot, if WRobot badly works in an area it must be avoided the zone, some creator still uses the area and says that it is the fault of WRobot instead than finding an alternative area (of course, in some case you cannot avoid zone and if WRobot have problem it can be complicated).
    In recent times I have used WRobot a lot to test reported detections on several servers (with an old Eeny profile and a simple XML fightclass, no plugin). I left it running ~ 10 hours per day and I had no crashes, blockages or problems. I manually control characters 1 or 2 times per day to equip and resell the green/blue items looted. Some users manage more than 100 bot, with good profile and good settings you can do almost what you want.
    Of course, I understand what you said, if developers have problems with WRobot they do not hesitate to create bug reports, I do not respond quickly but I usually finish by answering and correct it if I find it necessary (and that I can).
    I will try to deliver more free content with the bot (in priority the fightclasses for all classes and grinder / gatherer profiles), if someone wants help me that he does not hesitate to contact me.
    (sorry for my English not always correct)
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    BetterSister reacted to Mykoplazma in Sick of buying garbage profiles   
    The bot refuses to go through deadwind pass for whatever reason so it circles back - thats wrobot for you xD Usually the problem is not the profile but the pathing system. Dreaming about HB quality pathing system. But we have what we have here.
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    BetterSister reacted to Ordush in Sick of buying garbage profiles   
    Agreed! @Smokie it's just like the post you wanted me to delete because I called you out as being @Mike Mail.
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    BetterSister reacted to Matenia in Sick of buying garbage profiles   
    I didn't want to start this - but yes, thank you. And as much as I like helping people, I don't quite enjoy getting daily questions (aka please fix this code for me) from people who don't understand what a variable or a function is or how to properly concatenate (or fomat) a string.

    There's no reason Smokie should be shitting on paid content. We (i.e. other sellers and elite) know his history here and he's not someone I'd call a developer.
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    BetterSister reacted to Zan in Wotlk warlock fight profile is trash   
    Post this in the Fight Class you used. This is just a random useless post.
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    BetterSister reacted to TheSmokie in Sick of buying garbage profiles   
    I mean no disrespect for this but i gotta say it.
    stop FUCKING bitching, i mean there is no info on this thread post that is helping anyone, if people dont like the bot? Guess what do it by hand. This is a way to fix lower time with leveling but i see no one stepping up to the plate other then DEVS to do shit about it. Yes grinders are COMPLETE crap because the ban rate is high but if you are gonna bitch about it, make you're self you're own "quester profile." you're self, this thread has become a bitching dick contest and it find it retarded. Can people just be happy with what they got instead of bitching about what they want!
    Yes the the Wrobot commuity has gotten smaller to the point people dont give but EVERYONE wanna take. @Droidz Has A REAL LIFE and GIVEN people the TOOLS TO MAKE THERE OWN SHIT without NEEDING HIM. 
    @Matenia IS one of the Most Nice, Respectable, HELPING Devs out there, when i have a problem or need help with something he takes his time to give some advice even tho my questions seem silly to him, HE STILL takes the time to respect me and give advice. Hes kinda like a mentor To me , and to Everyone WHO ask him for advice or help. so please do not bash him. He given a lot of free products away to help people who do not have money or wanna test. He supports almost all projects with quester by giving a free copy of HMP or fightclasses to help DEV make there product. I gotta give him mad respect. HES awesome !
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    BetterSister reacted to Matenia in Sick of buying garbage profiles   
    I love how this guy gets mad because I called him out for running characters called "calmwhiteguy" and "angryblackguy" by naming my coupon "basicamericanracist" WHILE giving him stuff for free. Then quotes me out of context because he has nothing of value to add.
    Here is what I actually said:
    Also, it's not my fucking fault whatever you have set up body pulls some mob and doesn't attack it. I don't control which target wRobot puts you in combat with. A fightclass ONLY REACTS to the target that wRobot is in combat with. You wanna know why the off-target wasn't recognized? Because whatever the fuck is going on with your setup blacklisted the first mob so it's not even showing when I check for how many enemies attack you. It'd be clearer if you were showing your log.

    I can't fix the entire bot and I certainly can't fix whatever is happening with your setup. Check the fucking log file, you dipshit. If there is actually anything substantial in it, I can attempt to fix that. 
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    BetterSister got a reaction from youthemannowdog in Sick of buying garbage profiles   
    the video shows just exactly what is wrong with the bot without exaggerating anything. I agree with everything in it especially spending $100 and still not being able to trust it... 
    just why I in the first place quit the botting scene and wow overall
    Sure this isn't honorbuddy and never will be but does everything have to be so goddamn expensive
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    BetterSister got a reaction from CocoChanel in Sick of buying garbage profiles   
    the video shows just exactly what is wrong with the bot without exaggerating anything. I agree with everything in it especially spending $100 and still not being able to trust it... 
    just why I in the first place quit the botting scene and wow overall
    Sure this isn't honorbuddy and never will be but does everything have to be so goddamn expensive
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    BetterSister reacted to youthemannowdog in Sick of buying garbage profiles   
    It's just very monopolized here. I don't know if that's intentional. 
    And to be fair most of my experience so far has been TBC or lower but I've looked into the forum download sections up to legion out of morbid curiousity.
    Matenia makes the fight classes and makes a mandetory plugin that basically any serious botter basically needs to compensate for the lack of usability in the client.
    Andoido is the only person making questers but damn does it struggle
    Bambo and Truly are/were the only people really making any grinders... but grinders get you banned...

    Only recently someone made a newish base dungeon setup, nobody is making solid all inclusive pvp/dual/arena/bg etc profiles, sparse profession profiles, etc.
    And that's pretty much it. That's all you get folks. These people aren't bad guys, they're not idiots, it's not that they aren't good developers, nor are they swindling people. It's just a shitty situation that we have so little, the little we have doesnt seem to make a package that's comparable to the Bots of past, and it's very confusing for new people to come to terms without knowledge in C# and LUA.
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    BetterSister reacted to youthemannowdog in Sick of buying garbage profiles   
    Why? This is literally a click to move bot based on meshes, fight classes, and plugins to create a humanlike experience.
    In vanilla you didnt have instancing, instancing based on quests, instancing based on quest progression, LFR/LFR/LFG, etc.
    It's only harder because you have less chance to fail as a coder before the customers character that they're botting will die. The only thing that changed was the game became easier - that only made lazy bot profile makers jobs easier. 
    Honorbuddy did it, Glider did it, and they charged substantially less for the entire experience. The content creaters created better content, they did it for cheaper, and they did it for longer. There is a reason both services were so successful while WRobot relies on like 10 people to create (and charge whatever they want) for whatever content they decide to make.

    I'll say this a thousand times. You can spend 1,000 hours on something and it's not very good. You can create something that took 1,000 hours, cry about how long it took and how much you should charge - until other people come in and then charge half the price and created something 5x better in 40 hours. That's not the customers fault you took so long to make something so unusable without "manual intervention" as Matenia would say every 5 minutes.
    Here it is - quick and dirty. 
    After watching this video tell me this.
    If you create profiles/plugins/fightclasses for WRobot will you take the blame? My experience in Redridge has been the same on my level 40 hunter and my level 15 frost mage. Which is garbage. Are you telling me that if you put 1,000 hours into a fight class, plugin, and profile leveling me from 1-60 that I wouldnt, if ever, die for silly reasons or be OBVIOUSLY detected visually by everyone around me? No? Well then are you willing to say that the client is to blame? Do you need better documentation to help you code a better experience for your customers? No? The client is perfect? You are perfect? Then why cant I BG right now in retail with your profile in the classic relaunch here in a few weeks? Why cant I WRobot in retail? Because the content is based on an imperfect client creating imperfect plugins/fightclasses/profiles.

    Just be logical.
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    BetterSister got a reaction from CocoChanel in Sick of buying garbage profiles   
    I agree with profile quality being bad on most paid products. There is only couple people who are making enough good profiles and there is only limited things they can alter in the bot. Things like running into pack of mobs and chain dieing is something that is hard to fix without Droidz adding the improvements straight into bot
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    BetterSister reacted to CocoChanel in Sick of buying garbage profiles   
    I also have to say that you shouldn't compare WRobot to Honorbuddy if you are talking about Vanilla to Wrath of The Lich King. These expansions are so much harder than what we have seen in Cata and up, since the amount of gear and exp acquired through questing was so different. Mobs were also tuned differently in cata and up, and the leveling content is so faceroll that you don't need to pull 1 mob at a time like in Vanilla, which makes it so much harder to bot it. You were also able to get information on what quests your character had already completed in Cata, but not previously.

    I have some leveling profiles that you can use for free since I quit private servers if you want, just send me a PM.
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    BetterSister reacted to TheSmokie in Sick of buying garbage profiles   
    Please do, but wait til tomorrow night so I can watch it drunk for the laugh.
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    BetterSister reacted to maitokannu in Sorry, you aren't permitted to download this file.   
    I am able to download files again. Bug didnt any single file, couldnt download at all, no matter what the file was.
    i post links if this happens again.
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    BetterSister reacted to Matenia in Sick of buying garbage profiles   
    Just for you, I updated my TBC rogue to the new framework AND added an option to disable gouge => backstab entirely, if you'd rather just spam SS.
    Feel free to redownload.
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    BetterSister reacted to Matenia in Sick of buying garbage profiles   
    I've just checked, I've sold almost 500 copies of the rogue fightclass since 2016 (across all 3 expansions, mostly vanilla). You're the only one who has cried about it not being effective at low level (there's literally nothing it can do with 4 skills - although it does pool energy if you're wearing dagger, which it will need for backstab).

    But then again, I am arguing with someone who thinks the fightclass can somehow generate energy.
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    BetterSister reacted to Findeh in Sick of buying garbage profiles   
    My 5 cents
    There are 3 types of users here.
    1) Single bot users (Guys that just level some accounts for themselves, they come and go)
    2) Many bot users (Guys that make a living from this, they stay for long)
    3) Developers (Guys that are selling stuff that solve your problems)
    I am type 2 myself. Not a developer, not buyer of a paid stuff (unless i want to support seller or just curious).
    I've bought Human Master Plugin from @Matenia, i'm not using it, just bought to see what it does. Bought some stuff from @Ordush, also not using it. Bought 1 profile forom @BetterSister, never used it. And bought one more plugin long ago from a guy that is not selling anymore (Edited it a little, using it, but going to rewrite it completely soon).
    You are type 1. Type 2 don't like you, basically. Because you don't understand what's going on and what are you doing, so you just a target practice for GM's. You make bot concept publical and then it becomes harder for type 2 to live.
    Type 3 are the only guys that want to help you. But they ask couple dollars for their time. I don't actually understand why do they do this sometimes, because the time they spend for teir products cost much more then the product price. I know it because i've bought some of it (even if i don't needed it) and all of it was made great. But the point is, you don't want to pay them. Then the only way for you is to become Type 2. Do everything yourself, spend couple years editing your profiles every few days. Are you ready to this? Guess not.
    P.S. Payd stuff solves alot of problems, not all of them, but a lot. I'm agreed with :"i should know what am i buying". Payd stuff should have detailed description,  but you also should remember that there will be problems that are still not solved anyway.

    P.P.S Most of developers (actually all of them, except for those that have not logged in for year) are gladly communicate and fixing the bugs. They are also helping you to understand even basic concepts if you are complete noob, that is definitely not theyr job, but they do it anyway. Try it if you're stuck with their product.
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    BetterSister got a reaction from timamusic in Resto Druid FightClass   
    i couldn't do it alone... But if someone wants to betatest before i upload the finished one to website here it is: (currently latest, HOTFIX1) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxrnR7sFxoj9eDB0RHU2dDBmWUU/view?usp=sharing
    just add it to your fight classes folder and run it as fight class and it'll heal your party. Remember to setup your healer and tank name (you as healer and tank guy as tank)
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    BetterSister reacted to thxgod1 in Flying Mounts broken in TBC/WOTLK   
    turning off "lua to move" in setting helps reducing the problem
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