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    BetterSister got a reaction from Aminah in WRobot for BFA private server   
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    BetterSister reacted to Droidz in [TAURI] Wrobot detected   
    I'm working on it (it takes time, they have a very good team that works on  anti-bot protection they're often ahead of other servers) the current version of WRobot is partially no detected (it sometimes, but I don't recommend using it). I don't answer because when I do, Tauri team tries to slow me down (turn off the protection,...)
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    BetterSister reacted to Zan in REQUEST: Wrobot 8.0.1 (28153) (Private server)   
    Opening multiple threads on the same topic can get you banned.
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    BetterSister reacted to Bambo in Didn't receive product ID for Wtrainerv   
    Not sure but i think he is having problems with a paid plugin and not wrobot itself.
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    BetterSister got a reaction from artur.k in Looking for a Private Bot for BfA   
    You simply won't find one without finding correct person first which won't be found here 
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    BetterSister reacted to Marshalek in Looking for a Private Bot for BfA   
    If they caught HB and WR, how do you geniuses figure they wouldn't get an amateur dev making a "private" bot? Stop dreaming, botting on retail is over.
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    BetterSister reacted to bio33 in Story of scamer -Mike-Mail   
    If problem only with 2 quests its ok for me
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    BetterSister got a reaction from Razzue in Resto Druid FightClass   
    i couldn't do it alone... But if someone wants to betatest before i upload the finished one to website here it is: (currently latest, HOTFIX1) https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxrnR7sFxoj9eDB0RHU2dDBmWUU/view?usp=sharing
    just add it to your fight classes folder and run it as fight class and it'll heal your party. Remember to setup your healer and tank name (you as healer and tank guy as tank)
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    BetterSister reacted to Marsbar in Unofficial WRobot API Documentation   
    There are often questions regarding the wrobot api and what functions it has, generally you're told to either decompile the dlls or reference them in your visual studio project and use the object browser.
    Some people only want to know a certain function name and don't wish to go into the deeper realms of development. There isn't a resource they can use to obtain that info without some effort on their part, that's hopefully where this site I generated will come in handy:

    Unofficial WRobot API Docs
    It was created by decompiling the vanilla wmanager and robotmanager dlls and generating an api web template using docfx.
    Currently it doesn't give you anything more than you'd have by decompiling the dlls yourself but I'm hoping to update this with method, property, constructer etc. descriptions and potentially basic code snippets for a better understanding of the wrobot api.
    If you're interested in contributing let me know and I can add you to the gitlab project (sorry if you don't like gitlab but it was quick and easy with free private repos).
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    BetterSister reacted to Zan in Auto-rotation In Heroics+Raids   
    If you pay for WRobot you can download Fight Classes.
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    BetterSister reacted to Matenia in Slow at changing target   
    Creating a healer in the fightclass editor is very ineffective. Most people can't get it to work at all.
    I suggest you look at some example projects I uploaded (they are for vanilla but should work until Wrath).
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    BetterSister reacted to zzzar in Warmane Lordaeron Bans   
    My 2 cents:
    1. I botted warmane for a long time without issues, bots live pretty long life and banned by gms obviously, no complains.
    2. ~ At august they start rapidly ban my bots on tbc realm, all bots was banned around lvl 30 after 1-2 days of questing 6-8 h per day, since there are not many lvlers i considered it for very active no life gm and left Outland for good
    3.~ At september they start doing same on Lordaeron and Icecrown but now bots got banned between 14-20 lvl around of 4-6 hours of /played. I tried all old methods and their combinations like proxy\vm's\mac\hwid change etc.= nothing work. Also i wrote all my lvling profiles on icecrown and about that time i started writiing dwarf\gnome profile and was surprised that they ban acc's on that i writing it, ofc they supervised and humanlike(tons of afk). After losing few accs i move on another server to write stuff.
    Then i try to understand how they catch me if it's not detect. What i try:
    * Create new acc - supervised - leveling only quests, breaks, afk, chat = banned 20 lvl/ 6 h played. Tried this on VM\PC host\ proxy \without proxy (doesn't think proxy matter coz of dynamic ip) - tried this scheme for 4 times with different classes\races\profiles.
    *After this i created account that i played by hand and never connected wrobot to it and continue my tries. I play this account  the same time my bot running on vm but same ip = bot was banned, handplay not. I start new bot same way and managed to lvl herb\mining to 75\75 on bot and send all materials to handplay, after 1 hour = bot banned, handplay not.
    * Next i make bot on host and same ip  handplay and do same +send farmed on bot to handplay = bot banned, handplay not.
    Handplay now around 60 lvl, still no ban.
    * And for the end 2 days ago i take bot+wow to my friend(he never have wow\bot on his comp installed+ he have different internet provider) , set it up and watch =  banned on 20 lvl.
    if its not detection, tell me what else to do:D  Hope my writings understandable, english is not my native.
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    BetterSister got a reaction from tonycali in Warmane Lordaeron Bans   
    if wrobot was AUTOMATICALLY detected you would get banned even if you had wrobot on background doing nothing
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    BetterSister reacted to Jensen- in Warmane Lordaeron Bans   
    "no one can prove what really is getting people banned"
    "it clearly isn't the bot itself being detected" 
    inconsistency   i think ppl are geting baned because they are using bots, no1 can deny that
  16. Haha
    BetterSister reacted to artur.k in why do you pref wrobot   
    guys ok tauri tauri but i was thinking on not tauri one servers but from my country  sunwell team will open new mop realm,i know its  future becouse they realease first tbc,but mop will be also and it will be hard bot mop if they see all besides they have best gm's and time response for report tickets:)
    i realy good know this guys and if they will have tool to auto ban they will use it without see you are friend or not:P
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    BetterSister reacted to Matenia in why do you pref wrobot   
    Not sure what you watched videos of, but even on 5.0 patch release, it was never like that. They do have cross-faction BGs implemented (you specifically have to opt-in) to make sure BGs are happening at any time. But their AH is cross-server, they have cross-server groups, raids, RDF, BGs and arenas between all 3 of their servers.
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    BetterSister reacted to Matenia in why do you pref wrobot   
    MoP is without a doubt one of the best expansions. Raids are challenging and PvP is the most balanced it has EVER been at patch 5.4.
    Most veterans will tell you that. The expansion isn't well received, because too many westeners instantly get a hate-boner when they see the Asian-style continent. 
    The server itself is also, easily, the best scripted server I have ever played on. More shit works on there, than Warmane was ever capable of fixing. They have had cross-realm interactions since forever and generally have really, really skilled devs. Also Hungarian, not Russian.
    I personally think TBC and MoP are the only good states the game has ever been in. TBC had too much rng and was a bit too grindy for PvP, but PvE was both gated and challenging. MoP finally had balanced PvP, after removing almost all PvE gear. It was a bit too casual friendly and classes weren't unique enough anymore, but they introduced challenging 5 mans again and raids were actually both fun and hard.
    Meanwhile vanilla is unpolished and just plain bad (of course, it was 2004-2006). Wrath is probably one of the most unbalanced expansions when it comes to PvP, because the entire balance resolves around what pieces of PvE gear are available. Haste and armor pen turn everything around and allow you to oneshot shit without time to react. The only other time PvP was that bad was during a short period of time in Cata when triple DPS was a thing. PvE in Wrath only became challenging in the last patch. Ulduar was cool, but only hardmodes were any challenging at all. Any heroics were a complete joke and so was the first raid tier. I'm honestly surprised people never got tired of farming ICC. Probably because it's so easy and you need to to become a God in PvP with no mentionable gameplay skills.
    I truly believe the reason Vanilla and Wrath are so popular now is because they are the only expansions that have had a decent amount of open-source emulator work put into them over the past years. Because if you play Tauri, their core is absolutely mind-boggling. Never thought I'd see anything past Wrath work that well on private servers - but they are literally the ONLY ones out there and no open-source cores are halfway decent. Same for Cata, except Twinstar might be the only halfway decent server (but dead).
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    BetterSister reacted to Mike Mail in why do you pref wrobot   
    idk i think anything after wotlk is pure horse shit.
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    BetterSister reacted to Droidz in why do you pref wrobot   
    About pathfinding, it is not perfect I am agree, and get stuck on gameobjects added by the server, but with default settings and without plugin, I am rarely stuck (of course, this depend mainly of your profile and your current zone, but if you use NPC of your profile (with path tested by the creator) you will not get problem, but if you start to use your NPC with an random profile (not optimized) you have chance to get problems).
    About quests editor, it is recommended to slit your profile in several files (and at the last step load next file), but if you need to insert step, you can edit with notepad, xml codes of steps is easy to edit manually (and I think than you don't need to insert a step near the firsts frequently).
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    BetterSister reacted to naviomg in why do you pref wrobot   
    im with you about warmane bans, i dont think the bot itself is detected, more like very active gms banning bots. even i can do it without access to their db. got tons of lvling bots, hard to monitor them. about the ip problematic, it seems warmane doesnt care at all about ip. had tests with multiple bots on same ip and pc also with my main on it and bots gets banned seperatly. main is still alive.

    my friend tried grinding in terrokar with lvl 70 on a pretty popular spot, same time i was in voice with him. after ~15min his char got ported multiple times during a fight by few inches. i guess to check the immediate bot movement to the mob (it was a rogue). he immediatly wrote ??? in /s and the gm whispered him sorry bot check. after that he closed the bot and grinded another 15 min by hand with ctm like a dumbass bot.

    Another point which confirms for me that wrobot is not detected is, bgs works without any problems if you have a good routine and profiles. grinded 300k honor without any problems.

    Also i found out lvling during midnight is much safer than any other time (EU time), which confirms for me even more its just very active gms since most players are eu based.
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    BetterSister reacted to Droidz in why do you pref wrobot   
    10 years ago was good bot, but now no. Try it again (no lua, no pathfinding, ...).
  23. Haha
    BetterSister reacted to Puffmutti in why do you pref wrobot   
    -still undetected not like wrobot.
    -200 times better then wrobot in bgs.
    -better farming then wrobot.
    -automatic whisper respond.
    - can do almost everything as wrobot
    the only things that i get in mind rn is that you can use wrobot for rotations and add extra plugins/rotations thats the only positive difference.
    10 years old and not developed anymore and still beats the shit out of most bots.... what a shame 🙂
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    BetterSister reacted to Andoido in why do you pref wrobot   
    In great detail:
    You have 3 options when botting in VANILLA.
    1) Wrobot - 8 euro /mo
    2) Zzukbot - free
    3) Vanillabotter - 5$/mon
    Zzukbot Zzukbot is a free bot that was developed by Zzuk and is purely a Grind Bot. it will Skin, and thats it, Grinding and skinning ONLY. Zzukbot is a Great bot if you cannot afford other choices, it is very reliable. Pathing is  click to move, based on hotspots. For example i myself sell a zzukbot package for 1-60 horde and 1-60 alliance. Profiles are basically routes that you can circle or make in a straight line. You have the option of setting a search range, and modifiying waypoint distances of + and -. You can have a DO NOT SELL list, and several other options including a relogger. You can have the bog logout every x mins and back in - which is super nice. Zzukbot uses a great system for Fight Classes. Some of the most advanced Custom Classes ( The bots rotations and spells ) i have seen out of all the bots. Zzukbot also has the benefit of not getting stuck, it will automatically move around objects to prevent you from being stuck. Zzukbot requires you to change profiles every 3-4 levels, so it requires manual input which isnt bad because you should always check every few hours.  
    Wrobot Wrobot is a paid bot which is the most advanced of the 3. You can do just about anything including questing, grinding, fishing, pvp, dungeons, party, fuck you name it. You can have Plugins, and fight classes - however all the good plugins and fight classes and profiles are anywhere from 8euro to 30euro. So if you are not willing to spend money i would advice against this bot because the Free profiles just dont cut it. Wrobot really has no flaws, maybe the pathing being all jerky and bot like - but zzukbot/wrobot are exactloy uthe same. Wrobot has the advantage of being 100% afk with some profiles such as my own. Meaning you start it at level 1 and everythign is automated. Whereas Zzuk + Vanillabotter you must change profiles every 3 levels  
    Vanillabotter Vanillabotter is a paid bot of 5$ per month. Its the most basic of the 3, and has many flaws and few advantaes. Some of its advantages are herb, mining, skinning, fishing. Vanillabotter is also based on hotspot pathing, meaning the bot will go to Each Hotspot in a row, it wont randomly select, so its a set path. And is best used in a circular type profile because at the end it usually will start from the beginning again. Vanillabotter fight classes arent to advanced, and very few i have seen do what we need. Such as mage - it wont backup or sheep or anything like that. Just straight up mad man cast. Vanillabotter also gets stuck often, if the profile isnt pristine, it will run into a tree and not auto move around it.  
    Hope it helps!
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    BetterSister reacted to Findeh in why do you pref wrobot   
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