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    Seller of this plugin told me there was going to be an update to it, which included Auto-equip so I bought the plugin.. later he said that the auto equip is going to be a different plugin and the price he quoted is different.. Really disappointed make sure your 100% certain of what your gonna do before you tell your customers BS. *EDIT* seller communciated with me and told me why the plugin couldn't equip.. I was too fast to make a bad review. So I apologise .i also receiveda full refund. Good luck with product
  1. Will it be fixed or is there something I gotta do to fix it myself? I was using paid profile
  2. doesnt't seem to function at low level using Wrotation. Won't shoot fireballs
  3. Will this be updated anytime? Im going to be leveling a mage as fire so will test the rotation and leave feedback when I can. ✌️
  4. Howdy, I'm leveling a druid on the new TBC server what's a good spec for the Resto druid ordush?
  5. when i use rotation (turn it on) i keep hearing a noise like my action bar is being clicked or moved repeatedily... how do i fix this? i already tried upping the latency
  6. it's okay, It's working properly now. Probably because i just freshly reinstalled windows.. and has so many updates
  7. I can't share a log file, because at this moment the program won't start.
  8. So basically i've redownloaded wrobot 5 different times and i know i have the requirementes to run the program... so when I click the wrobot.exe litterlly nothing happens... 5 mins... i'm clueless
    I was in ordush discord one day and he gave me the opportunity to beta test his BM and marksmanship hunter profiles... Now keep is mind people, I have bought his resto druid profile and his TBC hunter so I kinda expect something great and it's nothing short of that. His BM profile simply works wonders leveling and is miles ahead any fc on this forums. Now for MM the one I tried extensively... The hunter rotation actually does the rotation your supposed to do at 60... Aimed shot, multi shot and it weaves the auto shots into the mix. Overall don't miss out on this great piece of work. Much love ordush looking forward to your next project. ~from Piccolo Tha Plug on discord :=)
    Well, Let me start off by saying I love ordush fight classes and when I saw the hunter I knew I had to grab it.. That being said when I saw the Rdruid of course I picked it up and ran a dungeon and did better than I could EVER do manually, had some minior issues with FC but talking to the man and he fixed it up REAL QUICK. I've been running heroics, kara, normals whatever u name it and I can;t remeember the last time someone died that was my fault or the FC it's just simply crazy good. I've gotten into really good guilds using this and doing 25's. If you want to be a TOP healers what are u waiting for?
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