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  1. Hello Devs I have a fun fix for you all as of most recent patch getting the following issue... I've reinstalled and set-up twice thus far. Hoping this will be sufficient enough for fix. 3 Dec 2018 11H59.log.html 3 Dec 2018 12H08.log.html 3 Dec 2018 12H27.log.html
    Works Great have used to level my mage and hunter with would recommend you take advantage of this great profile 😄 This bot with this profile makes me wonder what will come next !!!
  2. Sohotforwins

    Didnt loot Animals

    Most recent wrobot update fixed it 😄
  3. Sohotforwins

    Didnt loot Animals

    I'm having the same issue right now they just updated there servers odds are it has something to do with the looting system
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