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  1. Hagi182

    Didnt loot Animals

    Didnt help. But Elysium patched the server on 1.1.1: Shadow of the Necropolis. W Robot can only Patched at 1.12.1 right?
  2. Hagi182

    Didnt loot Animals

    I got a little Problem. At Starting Dwarf Area 1 Char cant loot the wolfes and Crag Boars and seems like all other Animals and 1 in Darkshore cant loot the Crabs. The Charakters go to the Dead bodys and open the Loot window. But they didnt put the loot in the bags. But its only on Elysium. On other servers there are no problems. There are no problems to loot human enemys too. Any Idea whats wrong?
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