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  1. soo i have been using wrobot for about a month now, i love what the fightclass can do as tank and dps, now im focusing on healing, healing (party mode) with a good healer fightclass works fine on a 5man dungeon. But on a raid it tries but dosent havent the required tool to be good at it. I saw some forum posts on ppl trying to develop raid fightclass with code. But as a noob in terms of code, that is a bit difficult for me, soo what i suggest are some few conditions to be added on the fightclass editor. > A condition that checks the focus targets health or a specific raid member
  2. Is there a way to setup relogger that it will only work from for example 6am to 6pm local time? i saw there is a working shedule feature, but not sure if it is meant for that or how to use it, if anyone could help me with it.
  3. Looking for someone who can make me a quester profile for catalysm, alliance 1-15 human. Ready to pay. Msg me with offers if anyone is interested.
  4. same issue for me too on apollo server, no addons enabled, tried it with public profiles and private profiles, it simply dosent work
  5. lsitic

    Avoid ground effects

    droidz please make this a reality, through a feature or plugin, really need this!
  6. As the title says, is there a feature or plugin that im missing for this? because without this feature party mode is getting very hard, as the bots wont move when there is a boss aoe, and i have to move them individually. thanks in advance.
  7. hello smokie, love your work and this plugin is amazing for a free plugin. But i realized i have 3 session on at the same time, soo when i whisper something from discord it sends the whisper from all the bots to the person, is there a way around this for multi session users?
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