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  1. Hey, sorry for the late response. No matter which profile I try on whatever character....It simply does not work 😞
  2. @Droidz I am not very experienced reading logs, but does it look like wrobot does not know the Mangle spell for bear? 12 Mai 2020 15H15.log.html
  3. sry, afaik there is no Dire Bear form in cataclysm. eventhought there are 2 bear forms, it simply gets the tooltip updated, not the name. correct me please, if I am wrong. I will try what you suggested nontheless.
  4. Here it is Sir. FeralTankCDs_rotation.xml
  5. Ok, tried it now, without changing anything in the fightclass and Mangle also stopped to work. This is getting annoying as hell 😞
  6. that doest do anything either unfortunatly. But it is a bear form only problem, since in cat form, swipe is working just fine.
  7. thx for your reply. I tried a completly new and empty fightclass. just put "swipe" in every single possible way in it. it does simply not work. I tried: Swipe Swipe (Bear Form) Swipe (Bear Form)()
  8. I dont know what you mean, sorry. i already tried that 😞 "swipe(Bear Form) is not working either.
  9. Yea, I tried „swipe (bear form). Didnt work. In cat form „swipe“ is working but not in bear form :-(
  10. Hello, no matter what I try I can't get the bot to use "swipe" in bear form. Logs and fightclass attached. Thx alot, really need help 🙂 9 Mai 2020 20H54.log.html FeralTankCDs_rotation.xml
  11. Hello Lads, is it possible to upgrade my 1 session Wrobot to 3 sessions somehow? thx for your help
  12. ok will try that, little bit difficult because I use wrobor while raiding. thx for your answer droidz
  13. did try it with another fightclass. didnt work either. did not try it without any addons though. can you think of any specific addon that might cause issues with Wrobot?
  14. Hey, WRotation is sometimes not working in certain places. Most annoying to me is that is does not work in the raid "Blackwing Descent". Does anyone know how to fix it? 26 Feb 2020 00H41.log.html
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