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    miminio reacted to TJKD1994 in Atlantiss confirmed they used some server-side anti-cheat method   
    Link: https://atlantiss.eu/news/321/the-future-of-netherwing They also announsed perm x2 xp rate (1-70) and "paid" x3 rate (1-58). Transfer from LH etc.
    So this comfirms the Bambo's and other people's suspect on how they detact bot. Now the question is can we do anything to it?
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    miminio reacted to Jensen- in Mass ban   
    its not profitable business anymore, waited whole june for a fix 
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    miminio got a reaction from Findeh in Mass ban   
    Flag and banned when whitekindey have time to play.....thats flag means no one sayed nothing for instant banned when use wb.just flag and banned when like...so u can test it play with wrotation u ll banned when the like.and yes is detected im botting there 2 years and i have sold many accounts the last 2 mounths they have found a way.END
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    miminio got a reaction from TheSmokie in wRobot Survey + Profile Giveaway!   
    tnx friend
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    miminio got a reaction from Bambo in wRobot Survey + Profile Giveaway!   
    tnx friend
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    miminio got a reaction from TheSmokie in wRobot Survey + Profile Giveaway!   
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    miminio got a reaction from Droidz in Balcklist zone   
    i have test all plugins to off . and im getting this blacklist zone when HMP is on i ll contact Schaka
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    miminio got a reaction from Bambo in wrobot crash   
    Omg. I'm never that lucky. OK I ll get the 10 sessions then 
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    miminio reacted to Ordush in Best approach for 5 Man dungeons   
    A lot of time has been put into it, so it will not be free.
    Right now the framework works for vanilla. However i will update it so it works for other expansions too. 🙂
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    miminio reacted to Matenia in C# Framework for wRobot 1.12.1 Fightclasses   
    Hey guys,
    I recently ported some of my fightclass framework to vanilla. I'm happy with where it currently is but will probably push updates.
    You can find a working version (and any future update) in my repository on GitHub. This framework is intended for all the developers on the wRobot Discord channel who keep working on the same issues over and over again. Hopefully this will encourage people to make pull requests and contribute to an overall community effort. 
    Also, hopefully it will help with some of the more regular Discord users not having to answer a lot of questions over and over.
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    miminio reacted to bigsten in Flying in Broken isles   
    Hello, i have a problem, i made a path manually but my bot still keeps it at a ground, how can i fix it, that it will fly etc like in pandaria? Its there smth specially i need to check or some speciall way to create routes?
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