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C# Framework for wRobot 1.12.1 Fightclasses

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Hey guys,

I recently ported some of my fightclass framework to vanilla. I'm happy with where it currently is but will probably push updates.
You can find a working version (and any future update) in my repository on GitHub. This framework is intended for all the developers on the wRobot Discord channel who keep working on the same issues over and over again. Hopefully this will encourage people to make pull requests and contribute to an overall community effort. 

Also, hopefully it will help with some of the more regular Discord users not having to answer a lot of questions over and over.



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There is no simple guide. It's a C# project you can fire up in Rider or VS. There's a main class that contains the rotation, as any other fightclass would, and a few helpers classes to run the rotation and validate spells/range/etc.

If you add the wRobot dlls in your Bin folder as dependencies and compile it successfully, the resulting DLL works as a fightclass in wRobot.

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It looks like it is currently built for a mage correct?  Can you tell me more about the RotationStep.cs file ? it appears to allow me to target different targets and cast spells. Would you be able to spend 10 or 15 minutes on Discord assisting me with understanding some parts of the code? My c# is limited and I am not sure how much you are willing to help teach someone else..... 


Seems like there is lots of cool LUA code to get different tasks done such as finding the highest spell rank ETC. Thank you for sharing this!

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RotationStep takes a Rotation to execute, a function which evaluates whether the step can be executed (predicate) and a function which evaluates a target (there are some functions in CombatUtil already).
The targetFinder function also takes a the predicate as a parameter, so that you can (and have to) evaluate if it applies to the target you chose. This is where you validate things like line of sight being available.

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