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  1. druid use flight form to herbing,but sometimes dismount(cancel flight form) to harvest herb. any solution?THX
  2. i mean,,for example,some herb need 15 points to harvest,and tauren already have 15 herb points when first learn the skill.Under normal circumstances,the herb is can be harvested (its orange),but bot will judge the herb cannot be harvest and ignore it.
  3. Tauren have more 15 herb points than other race,but the bot can not know it.some herb is can be harvest,but the bot ignore it. any solution?
  4. the path fly to the node through the mobs,after landing, the character walking towards the coming mobs,its makes charecter leave the node(sometimes will into the water or get the target of more mobs ). how to setting let the character waiting for the mobs at the node,Instead of walking toward the mobs. thx
  5. some server owner change the process name by their launcher,it make WR can't find the process of the WOW,could you please add the function that let user select the process by self.THX..
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