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  • Battlegrounder Bad Bg's

    • Version: All Product: Battlegrounder Type: Bug Status: Fixed

    These bg's have some problems I've noticed.


    Warsong gulch - your character can get caught on walls outside the flag carriers room and will keep running nowhere.


    Strand of the ancients - can get caught behind the gate and will keep running nowhere. 


    Isle of conquest - will get caught on a wall and keep running nowhere. 


    Movement path bugs, only 2 of 3 can be blacklisted. please fix, for the other people reading this out there, Play at your own risk. This website in not responsible for the action taken towards your account. Best of luck though. 


    Battle grounder rating 9 out of 10.



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    year ´WSG graveyard is damn buggy, especially hord side!

    Sometimes the bot is pretty dumb but the stuck in WSG is just shit.


    Please fix it or tell me how I can fix it!




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