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  • Battlegrounder won't accept queue pop

    • Version: All Product: WRobot General Type: Bug Status: Fixed

    Title says it all, the BG bot won't accept a queue pop, if i manually enter it I've noticed it also doesnt leave by itself. started after the most recent WoW update

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    Turned off all addons, nope. checked wrobot log for errors, none that i see. but it still wont join the BG


    09:45:37 - [Memory] Select game process: 3872 - Kil...
    09:45:43 - [BG] Loaded
    09:45:43 - [SpellManager] Initializing SpellBook - (Wait few seconds)
    09:45:43 - [SpellManager] Initialize SpellBook Finished (178 spell found)
    09:45:43 - [SpellManager] Please wait, loading spellbook...
    09:45:43 - [SpellManager] Spellbook loaded.
    09:45:47 - [BG] Started


    if it's any help, one of my guildies has reported that after the patch her fishbot (WildCatch) no longer works.

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