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  • Intelligent Milling (stacks)

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    Hello, I searched on the forum, I didn't find this question so I write here, If the question/answer has already been told I apologize.

    So I tried the milling feature, It's great, but I see only 2 small problems which I don't know if they are intended or what.

    1) It pauses too much between each cast of milling, it's way faster to create a macro with all herbs and spam it manually

    2) If the herbs are not multiple of 5, the bot will stop, meaning before running the bot you need to be sure you have all type of herbs in a stack multiple of 5 (5/10/15/20), and this problem happens with the manual macro too, if you have for example 17x "Wild Spineleaf", you need to deposit somewhere 2x, otherwise both wrobot and macro will stuck on that "2x" remaining and won't continue the milling of other herbs.

    Thanks for reading :)


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