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  • Mesh in mudpocket is broken

    • Product: WRobot General Type: Bug Status: Unconfirmed




    [N] 00:21:24 - [MovementManager] Waypoint timed out
    [N] 00:21:24 - [MovementManager] Report navmesh poly to avoid it
    [N] 00:21:24 - [Path-Finding] FindPath from -4619.148 ; -3172.836 ; 34.85954 ; "None" to -6867.624 ; 731.9318 ; 46.6624 ; "None" (Kalimdor)
    [N] 00:21:25 - [Path-Finding] Path Count: 458 (12551.29y, 1072ms, smoothed) (resultPartial=True, resultSuccess=True (more info with server log option))
    [N] 00:21:30 - [MovementManager] Think we are stuck
    [N] 00:21:30 - [MovementManager] Trying something funny, hang on

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