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  • Quester - Town sequence

    • Version: All Product: WRobot General Type: Suggestion Status: Not a Bug

    i am running quester to farm items for enchantment and if the bags are full, bot is executing GoToTown as designed BUT...

    town sequence seems to be:  repair -> buy/sell -> mail

    This is a problem because if bags are full in this case, nothing will be selled (because all is reserved to be mailed to the enchanter as well as common and uncommon items destroyed by a plugin while farming) and so there is no room for buying manadrinks.

    Is it possible to change the town sequence to  repair -> mail -> buy/sell  or add an alternative sequence so it would be  repair -> buy/sell -> mail  -> buy/sell?
    Otherwhile the bot is returning to farm area and running out of manadrinks more often as it would be necessary there...

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