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  • Suggestions for Party Bot

    • Version: All Product: WRobot General Type: Bug Status: Not a Bug

    here are some suggestions for additional product settings and bugfixes for the party bot in the next wrobot release to make it more useful in PvP:

    additional settings:

    - when chasing an enemy, stop chasing after reaching a specific distance away from the player/partyleader defined at "follow by player name" and return to him | yes/no, enter XX meters range

    - dont chase any enemy, stop attacking when target gets out of range, always follow partyleader | yes/no

    - keep following the player/partyleader defined at "follow by player name" even in combat | yes/no

    - automatically attack any attackable enemy target that is in XX meters range, dont wait until it starts attacking anyone in the party | yes/no, enter XX meters range

    - prioritize enemy players over their pets / do not attack enemy player's pets | yes/no

    - prioritize the target of the player/partyleader defined at "follow by player name" over the current target / switch to his target as soon as he starts attacking it | yes/no



    bugs that need to be fixed:

    - when the character dies high up in the air (for example while sitting on a flymount) the bot releases the spirit too fast, causing the corpse staying in the air and making it impossible to reach it anymore for resurrection.
    please add a wait time of a few seconds between dying and spirit release.

    - in openpvp combat, the dps bot sometimes keeps targeting and trying to attack neutral players with yellow or blue name (which is impossible) who have set their pvp status to inactive. it mostly happens when the neutral player is currently fighting against someone/something (for example dueling another neutral player).

    - in Healer mode, the bot stops following the player/partyleader defined at "follow by player name" as soon as it gets into combat. it should keep following him even in combat.

    - the commands:

    wManager.Wow.Helpers.Fight.StopFight(); wManager.Wow.Helpers.MovementManager.StopMove();

    simply dont work when the dps partybot is trying to chase someone, when executing them, the bot neither stops fighting nor does it stop moving/chasing.

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