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  • [TBC][BUG] Bot doesn't drink after Ressurection

    • Version: All Product: WRobot General Type: Bug Status: Cannot Reproduce

    When the bot dies, and resurrects it starts buffing. Once its finished re-buffing, it falls below the mana threshold that I have defined in the  settings (Advanced Settings > Food/Drink > Drink Name > 35%). It then does not begin drinking before attacking something. This causes it to die over and over endlessly. Has anyone else experienced this on caster classes? I do not think it's a profile specific thing, as I've tried a few out and have seen the same thing on all of them. Any suggestions? Am I missing a setting, or is this some sort of bug with the WRobot client?

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    Just now, Droidz said:

    I cannot reproduct, this problem is probably caused by your fightclass, and in drink % try to put value like 60

    Placing the value to above 51% resolves the issue, but I assume that is  because it has engaged the 'need to drink' function. 

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