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Grinder - Cata

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  1. [N] Borean Tundra (Coldarra) | Level 70-75 Grinder [Free]

    Join our Discord here: https://discord.gg/UEahd68
    Hey friends,
    welcome to a small interim release from TWC. Today with a profile which I clapped together very quickly. It's a simple grinder
    profile for Cataclysm and levels from level 70-75 in Coldarra in Borean Tundra. Have fun with it! ?

    Profile Details:
    - Vendor & Repair NPC added
    - Can be used with flying Mount
    - Pretty Safe & small Route

    This Profile got tested with a Level 70 Retribution Paladin. I did not died a single time while
    grinding on this Spot on my whole way to Level 75. However, the Profile is pretty slow. So
    run it over night!
    Some more (additional) Details:
    - You get a ton of Green & Blue Equipment which sells for good Money.
    - You get a few "Frostweave Cloth" which you can either use or sell.
    - Tested with a Retribution Paladin, 0 Deaths.
    Do I get Support from you?:
    Yes, just join our Discord here: https://discord.gg/UEahd68 we will support you there! You can also
    Report Bugs of these Profiles in our Discord!
    Enjoy the Grind,
    ~ Tyrian / Marvelino123 ❤️


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  2. Human level 1-58 in less than 24 Hours! With vendor & repair

    Profile tested on 
    Atlantiss server
    See changelog for more info 


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