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  1. [Firestorm] - Sethraliss 8.2 - Ores: Monelite, Storm Silver, Platinum! ♥

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    Hey Friends, welcome to my first BfA Profile for Firestorm - Sethraliss 8.2.
    In this Profile we cover a great Route for Farming Storm Silver, Monelite & a little bit Platinum Ore.
    There is one spot in Tiragarde Sound which is just awesome for this Farming Method. Important:
    DO NOT use a Class which does AOE Damage unless you have good Gear!

    ATTENTION: This is a very very basic Gatherer Profile! It's nothing fancy at all but does the
    Job good and quite efficient.

    Known Bugs:
    - Due to wRobot is not yet smoothly working with BfA the Bot can get Stuck at some
    places. However, this is very very rarely.

    Start the Profile here:
    - Anywhere in the green marked Place

    JOIN OUR DISCORD: https://discord.gg/aebcGtPTBA

    Enjoy this Profile!
    ~ Marvelino123 aka Tyrian


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