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80-85 - Legion

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  1. 82-85 Uldum Best profil

    Excellent profil sans bug qui vous permettra de up de 82 à 85 .
    Zone de départ ramkahen : Le bot fera une boucle autour du delta ,passera un peu par le désert avant de revenir en ville .
    Vendeur + Répa = ON               Monture Volante : ON           270 ilvl Conseiller  .
    Very nice profil without bug . You'll can up 82-85
    Start in ramkahen : The bot will loop around the delta, pass a little through the desert before returning to the city.
    Vendor + repair = ON                Flymount : ON                         270 ilvl advisor


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  2. Twilight Highlands Leveling

    Hello There,
    This is my first profile, couldnt find any for T. Highlands so decided to make a fast one ...
    I am running this right now with a 80 LVL BM Hunter againts 85 level Mobs (Ettins) and its working pretty well with more than 150k xp/h
    If you run into problems please let me know :)


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  3. Uldum Leveling 82-85

    Another small leveling profile. This one has no vendor/repair but I can put one in if you need one. I have not seen it getting stuck anywhere but you might die a lot as this is where the first quest is when you enter uldum so a lot of people will attack you. Also I would only go here at 82 if have a pet or can take some damage as there are a few elites that hit a bit hard.

    Getting about 600K xp an hour on this one with quite a few deaths in there from hordes. I presume if your on a low pop realm you can run this with no people killing you and average higher XP per hour. Not as great for loot but there are a lot of grey drops and a few greens. Other than that you get a few stacks of cloth and about 20-30s per mob.

    Please leave feedback!


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