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check for quest completed


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is there a more elegant way to check for whether or not we already did that quest according to our /settings/FinishedQuests-Name.Server.xml than what i am using now:

    <QuestsSorted Action="If" NameClass="Quest.GetQuestCompleted(9616) ==  true" />
    <QuestsSorted Action="GoToStep" NameClass="9" />
    <QuestsSorted Action="EndIf" NameClass="" />
    <QuestsSorted Action="Pulse" NameClass="FarmBloodElfCommunication" />
    <QuestsSorted Action="PickUp" NameClass="BanditsPaladin" />

where BanditsPaladin is step 9.

Also: is it possible to run a script on TurnIn where we check for our armourclass and weaponskills in order to atleast choose a 2Hand maul instead of a sword we don't have the skills for. I am dreaming of sth. like this:

get player.armourclass
get questreward1.armourclass
get questreward2.armourclass

if player.armourclass == questreward1.armourclass
then chose


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