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Question on settings

Tommy Cox

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I have been messing around with WRotation and have a question which hopefully will answer a problem.

I use the Fight class editor and make a quick healer with only 5 spells to cast, only problem is it switches to another target before it's even done going through the priority list.

e.g. when the current target is very low hp it will cast 1 maybe 2 spells out of the 5 and will switch to another target that took  damage ( almost like lock target is not working). 

So in the Fight class editor what does FPS actually do? I have it set at 30fps, I moved it around and didn't notice what it does.

And in setting Latency Min/Max I have set at the lowest since it seems to cast spells faster.

Since I'm only healing is there any other options I'm missing?

Yes, I know Fight class editor is just basic but just wanted to make sure.


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