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Error during download, please verif link.


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I downloaded a fresh wrobot when I got back from a 6 month break (my license is still active), and it seemed to have some issues. So I updated my old version from 6 months ago and everything seemed okay. The issue is with the last few updates, I run the updater.exe (and I even just downloaded the new one) and it says "Error during download, please verif link." I am worried that my wrobot hasn't been updating because of this. What does it mean to verif link? I don't see a "link" that it is even using.


**EDIT** I have had this issue a few times over the last few weeks, so instead I just started fresh with a new wrobot download and I think that everything is running smoothly again. Probably an issue with using old folders and items (idk). Anyway, hopefully I am good to go, sorry to make an early post but I assume now it will work with fresh download.

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