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I pay but not recive the key


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Hello i recent subscribe for 1 month, id paypal transaction n.º 6TE147713R874812B, when i open gmail for check if are the key i see this message 

Your payment for WRobot Subscription was unsuccessful. If you paid by credit card, it may have been declined, or your chosen payment method failed to provide payment.
Please log in to resubmit payment for this invoice. The store invoice is pending and not paid.


Invoice ID#........: 8185


But my paypal says sended: 


26 ene 2014   Pago Para

Detalles Pago Para TECHPROG 6TE146613R874812B   -€4,50 EUR


Nombre de artículo:   WRobot Subscription Número de artículo:   6397 Fecha:   26 ene 2014 Hora:   14:44:28 CET Estado:   Completado  


Can any mod fix me? 


Sorry for my english.

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