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Leveling FIrst Aid + Looking for Skilled Coder.


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Hey all.

Im trying to implement a new feature into my profile (Horde Remake) and im struggleing hardcore.

I couldnt find anything on wrobot forums about leveling first aid via lua or C#.

Im wondering if anybody could help me get started. basically i made the bot farm 70 linnen cloth. and now i need him to "Cast create linnen bandage (as a quest class) - so i can have an IsComplete Statment when FirstAid <= xxx (code i already have)

I can also implement this into a RunCode however.

So if anybody has any insight id be very greatful.




I am also looking to hire a skilled developer for my next project. If you're looking for work and can create a Plugin, or Use the "Custom Script" inside of a Quester Profile, please contact me. Id love to get started with this!!! I have a badass idea but  i dont have the skills to do it myself.




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