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Can you tell me how to import this whatever. I have zygor guides but all it tells me is put the zygor guide code in the box...where do I get the code? do I put said code in the box and click the button? what are the steps to take for this to function?

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Do not import the info, follow the guide step by step but just make your paths follow the guide. If your using zygors info there is a lot of stuff you need to setup. It's actually harder to do it your way, then write from scratch once you get the hang of it. Zygors has to many processes you need to add, questing rotation, all IDs, basically anything you need to get the bot moving you will.not have. You still have to do your hotspots. The only thing it does that's easier is gives you your questing info. Refrain from doing what you are doing lol. O started like you did and it made my work a mess haha.

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For me it fills in the quest order box, so no pulse this blah blah, and the quest giver box with the exclusion of location, all the quest id's are already there just used a lvl 90 toon to locate them all first. I also use the addon quest competist to help if i need it.


Just in case anyone else wants to know the process I'm using here it is:

locate the zygor guide in the zygor addon folder (im using zygorleveinghordeCATA.lua, open it with notepad++ In the view tab select "fold all" as it is a very large file.

Find the guide you want to create such as =  Zygor's Horde Leveling Guides\\Eastern Kingdoms 1-60\\Eversong Woods (1-12)\\Blood Elf (1-5)

Copy everything from = ZygorGuidesViewer:RegisterGuide to the closing ]]) before the next instance of = ZygorGuidesViewer:RegisterGuide


Fire up WRobot and make sure "Quester" is selected in the main tab. Go to the product settings tab and click easy profiles creator. Click "New" then save it with a proper name.

Click "Tools" and select "Helper Tools". Paste everything you copied into that blank screen then click "Zygor to Quester Profile".


Give it some time. It takes a bit for it to process.


When it finishes it will start out:

C# file 'QuestList.cs':


Scroll down unntil you see:

Xml File:
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?>
<QuesterProfile xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xmlns:xsd="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema">


Select and copy everything from:

<QuestsSorted> to <Npc />


Open the xml file that was created when you saved your new questing profile in notepad++




<QuestsSorted />
  <NpcQuest />
  <Npc />


And paste your new xml data over it being sure those tags get over written. save.


go back to WRobot Quester tool and click "Open" select your new profile. Then Click "Tools" and open the top 3 tools.



Hope this info is useful to someone.

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