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Archaeology Bot easy detectable, plz fix Zones

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I use WRobot on a 4.3.4 Server. Mot times the Loots are at the outest points of the area, but my character digs near the border, and next is at green digging object that the boss passed the border and try to dig next to the border.

This is only 1,2 yard difference, can you reduce the digsites maybe 1,2 yards?

and when the Loots are randome placed, sometimes there is a mountain i would have to fly on its top.

The bot surveys in front of the mountain, use flying mount, fly up and against the mountain , dismount, fall to the same location, survey mount same again.

A Noob would recognize the bot.

Can you solve this semi productive archaeology profiles?, used that from the cata link you posted on most Threads.
Or can i somehow insert Honnorbuddy Arche Profiles/files, Honnorbuddy did Arche much better ?

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