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Stop Bot (Security) idea


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So I'm enjoying this bot alot lately, however I don't dare using it without stop bot security options enabled (Pause if nearby player). They work very great during the grinding, but I noticed it's function could be improved when the bot goes to repair or mail items.


Imagine this:

1.Bot gets full inv. and goes to town, repairs, vendors, mails.

2.After mailing is done the bot grind part "resumes" and the stop bot timer immediately starts for example, if the timer is set at 10 seconds and after starting to run away from mailbox and he doesn't get away from nearby players in those 10 seconds it will pause and even get stuck in town, when there is really no need for it untill the bot is actually grinding.


How would I make it so after repair, vendor, mail is done, bot doesn't start the nearby-player security "timer" untill he is back at the grind spot OR the timer is maybe disabled for 1 minute after mailing so it has time to get away from people without getting insta-stopped.


Tell me if I didn't explain my issue well enough.

Thank you!☺️

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