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Load path.xml to List<Vector3>


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Found old code. Have fixed some errors. Seems working now.

 public List<Vector3> GetPathFromXml(string path)
        List<Vector3> xpath = new List<Vector3>();

            FileStream fs = new FileStream(path, FileMode.Open);
            StreamReader stream = new StreamReader(fs, Encoding.UTF8);
            string content = stream.ReadToEnd();    
            XmlDocument doc = new XmlDocument();
            var result = doc.GetElementsByTagName("Vectors3");
            var item = result.Item(0);

            foreach (XmlNode n in item.ChildNodes)
                var X = n.Attributes[0].Value;
                var Y = n.Attributes[1].Value;
                var Z = n.Attributes[2].Value;
                string type = n.Attributes.Count == 3 ? "None" : n.Attributes[3].Value;
                Vector3 v3 = new Vector3(float.Parse(X), float.Parse(Y), float.Parse(Z), type);
            Logging.WriteError(" Xml file parsed !" + path);

        catch (Exception e)
        if (xpath.Count == 0) Logging.WriteError("No points in path");

        return xpath;


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