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[gatherer - Onyx Egg] Include Egg, Exclude Dark Soil


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Im running the Onyx Egg profile in Jade Forest.


The path is pretty high up in the air to easily spot the Onyx Eggs. But the profile keep diving down to collect

Dark Soil that I dont need since Im already best buddy with all the tillers.


Can I make it to NOT get Dark Soil and only do the eggs? They are both "Chests". I dont seem to be able to blacklist Dark Soil in the settings since

I can click in the blacklist box at all.




afaik I only need about 40 eggs to get exalted so it shouldnt be a problem really, but since every dark soil means a NPC fight it takes far longer to farm them.

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Yes, you can remove the option to loot dark soil.


Teach me o wise one


If you mean the "blacklist box" its not clickable so I cant enter anything in there. Or is there another way?

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The only way I've been able to blacklist anything is from manually removing each one. Not sure if there is an easier way.


Yup ive been doing that tonight, worked really well.


Im exalted now btw :) I can upload my Onyx Egg file if ppl are looking for one that is working without the Dark Soil. Was running it 2 hours with NO Dark soil attempts and about 15 eggs \o/

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I'd love it. I'm about 2k into revered.

there you go m8! My first profile

Buy the Commendation thing from Q-master right now if you didnt already. 100% extra rep per egg. So you will only need 19 eggs if you are 2k in rev.

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  • 2 months later...

Oh really? Sounds very strange that they are all gone for you.

Its a gathering route so even if they changed location they should still get farmed.

Make sure you have "loot chest" in your settings. I will go have a look right now.

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Alright here is the thing.


I just logged in and found eggs all over the place.




You HAVE to have your dailies started with Cloud Serpents. I didnt have this so I couldnt loot the eggs.

From I started with the first quest at "The Arboretum" til I unlocked the dailies took about 15 min with a healer(!).


As soon as the dailes are unlocked, the eggs are lootable.

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