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hi im needed some help i downloaded the elemental shaman profile and tried to run it last night with grinder, all it do is mount runs stop trys to jump casts ghost wolf and does no farming someone please help me

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i have both of those selected because i use it with my 90 alts. im curious as to why it would mount then cast ghost wolf take a few steps and stop

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you dont have to worry about weather you use it on more than one toon cause the bot builds a custom setting file for each individual toon. So turning off Mining if your toon is an Herbalist is fine. Make sure you have selected a Farming Profile. You can download them here on the website or make your own. I prefer for make my own cause of the security issue in running something someone else is running isnt as safe as running my custom profiles. Here is a link to Herbing and Minning Profiles for you:


Herbing & Minning Link:  http://wrobot.eu/files/category/6-gatherer/


I hope this has helped you this far.


Once you have a downloaded or cunstom profile go to the bot you want to run. Then go to Bot Setting. Make sure to drop the Profile you down loaded in to the profile folder in your main directory for the bot itself. then select the profile in the drop down menu under bot setting. then Click Go.

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